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1001 Periodic Table and Science Quiz Questions
Quizzes for students in grade 3 to grade 12.

ausetute provides a wide range of science tutorials, test and exam questions for high school students. Developed by experienced science teachers to provide free chemistry tutorials designed for high school chemistry students. An additional members-only area is available for self-tests and their answers.

Cavalcade of Chemistry
A chemistry resource for high school students, teachers, and homeschoolers. For students: A helpdesk containing tutorials, practice sheets, and a bunch of fun stuff. For teachers: Free chemistry worksheets, labs, handouts, and lesson plans. A chemistry resource for high school students, teachers, and homeschoolers. Free lesson plans (worksheets, handouts, labs) and tutorials provided.

Center for Chemistry Education
Looking for supplementary science education materials? Terrific Science Press Bookstore can help. We carry a full line of science books, kits, and more, the majority of which reference the National Science Education Standards. Offerings include an array of products, services and free resources that emphasize the hands-on, minds-on nature of science for all ages.

Chem4Kids! The web site that teaches chemistry fundamentals to everyone!. Information and news about biology, chemistry, physics, geography, HTML, and soon BASIC.
An NSF-supported curriculum development project, ChemCases is a web-based resource of curriculum supplements for teaching the second semester general chemistry course. Each case study features a number of the basic principles covered in a traditional general chemistry curriculum. These concepts are used to address the decisions that influence development of successful consumer, agricultural and pharmaceutical products.

Chlorine - Life Depends On It
Chlorine - Life Depends On It, brought to you by the Chemical Industries Association (CIA). This website provides information about chlorine, the benefits of chlorine, what chlorine is, who makes chlorine and who uses chlorine. Read about Chlement, the Ecuadorian tree frog, why he is so important to scientists, and his link with chlorine. Provides information about chlorine, the benefits of chlorine, what chlorine is, who makes chlorine and who uses chlorine.

Creative Chemistry
Worksheets and teaching notes for fun activities suitable for a chemistry club. GCSE question sheets and practical guides, interactive revision quizzes and science investigation help. Worksheets, teachers and technicians notes for activities suitable for a Chemistry Club. Question sheets and practical guides for GCSE Chemistry. Interactive revision quizzes, puzzles and the Sc1 Tune-up Garage.

Educational Resources for Particle Technology
The home page of Educational Resources for Particle Technology. Tutorials designed to help students and industrial technologists understand powder or slurry behavior and diagnose and correct production problems.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Novel, informal, qualitative -- but substantial -- introduction to entropy and the second law of thermo, concluding with the Gibbs equation as "all entropy".

Erik's Chemistry
Erik's Chemistry is a student made page with information about General Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Great notes for studying and review of material. A student made page with information about general chemistry, AP chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

Glenn T. Seaborg Center
Seeks to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the general public in the areas of science and mathematics; particularly that of students and teachers from preschool through college.

Haber Process
Summary of the method with diagrams and equations. The Haber Process is a method of producing ammonia developed in WWI.

Information about density determination
METTLER TOLEDO´s Digital refractometers measure refractive index and other related values with high precision and short measuring time. Get the latest information about density determination, concentration tables in EXCEL format and exchange information with other people.

Institute for Chemical Education
Established to provide a center for science educators to develop and disseminate ideas. ICE is national in scope and has led the drive to help teachers revitalize science in schools throughout the United States.

Interactive Science Tutorials
Pythia Software Ltd offers e-Learning for Health and Safety Training, bespoke and customized training software, and Health and Safety books. The ICT Consultancy section provides advice on using Linux, OpenOffice and Open Source software. Computer based learning for students of biology, biochemistry and chemistry and related subjects.

Journal of Chemical Education
Geared towards those who subscribe to the print version of the Journal, but has information, articles and reviews for nonsubscribers as well.

Kiwi Web
Home of the renowned Fabric Stain Removal Guide, also including comprehensive science, chemistry and New Zealand resources compiled for students and teachers. Search engine for chemistry sites for children and young adults. Includes information about New Zealand, and a stain removal guide as well as more general chemistry information.

Molecular Universe
Molecular Universe provides accessible information on molecules and molecular systems. Information on molecules and molecular systems featuring digital imaging and historical milestones.

National Mole Day
Celebrated annually on October 23, Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry.

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