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An up-to-date periodic table with detailed but easy to understand information. [Basic data, limited write-ups] Provides information on the 109 named elements plus elements 110 - 112.

Elements Database - Periodic Table
Free searchable Periodic Table database with a description of all the elements.

Extended Periodic Table
Extended Periodic Table, Compression of inner-orbitals/ shells, Inert-gas algorithm (rare-gas),Antimatter, algorythm, atomic weight. [Very basic data] Predicted periodic table for undiscovered elements with atomic number greater than 118. Theoretical discussion and Orbital freeware available.

Periodic Table of Elements offers very basic information about elements in a searchable format. Includes a printable periodic table.

The Extended Periodic Table Of The Elements
Alternate versions of the extended periodic table. Include information on symmetry and electronic configurations.

This is the home page of WebElements, chemistry's periodic table (periodic chart) of the elements on the World-Wide Web. Find information about elements such as hydrogen, copper, gold, and uranium here. [Very comprehensive, includes very detailed write ups, basic nuclide data, extensive graphics] Professional scientists and students at school will all find something useful. Includes thousands of images relating to periodicity and structure.

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