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Abell Group
Pantothenate biosynthesis and chemistry and enzymology of the shikimate pathway.

Baiker Group
Heterogeneous catalysis.

Cambridge Centre for Computational Chemistry
Condensed matter science, surface science and statistical mechanics of complex and disordered Ssstems.

Dupas Group
Synthesis of biomimetic models of NADH and the molecular recognition of acids and amines.

Gilson Group
Molecular Modeling and Informaticsat the Gilson Lab, CARB, Rockville, MD. Noncovalent binding and molecular recognition.

Hamers Group
Interfacial architecture.

Hilvert Group
Homepage of Prof. Dr. D. Hilvert and his research group, working in the field of chemical biology at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. Chemical biology.

Hudson Group
Molecular electronic and vibrational spectroscopy.

Ireland Group
Marine natural product drug discovery.

Jarrold Group
Biological mass spectrometry. Biophysics of peptides and proteins. Characterization of metal and semiconductor clusters.

Liquid Crystal Group Hamburg
Chiral liquid crystals, organic materials and glycolipids. Access to LiqCryst database.

Mitchell Group
Molecular aggregation, protein ligand-interactions, prediction of molecular properties, and the molecular basis of odor.

Richards Group
Design and synthesis of novel structures for application in catalysis and nanotechnology.

Schreiber Group
The Schreiber Lab (Howard Hughes Medical Institute,Harvard University): This lab uses chemical genetics to study signal transduction pathways, including the PIK-related kinases and the histone deactylases (HDACs).The site has a large gallery of protein structures, a detailed explanation of chemical genetics, and colorful animations that dynamically depict the effect ofsmall molecules on various cellular processes. Signal transduction pathways. PIK-related kinases and the histone deactylases (HDACs).

Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry Group
Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry homepage. Dynamics of metal oxide surfaces.

Turro Group
Photochemistry. Reactive intermediates.

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