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100 Top Science Sites.
Provides the 100 most relevant Web sites for each major category, selected, edited and ranked by professional editors. Scores of categories including animals, autos, books, business, careers, entertainment, celebrities, chat, education, games, jokes, kids, news, sports, and weather. View this week's selection of the top one hundred science webpages.

Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science
Online encyclopedias of astronomy, math, physics, scientific biographies, and scientific books, with many equations and formulas.

Expedition Quest
Information on expeditions worldwide. Also offers placement service, funding, news, and lecture series. Some features require registration.

Forumjam - The Academic Site For Students And Researchers.
Lists of academic journals by subject, keyword and alphabetical order.

Get Science - Amazing Web Sites For Interested Minds
Get Science is a UK based Links site covering many scientific sites, part of the Get Favourites Network. Selection of pages about space, chemistry, biotechnology, sociology and general topics. -- Science Resource and Reference Links. is a resource forcutting-edge science, disease research, UFOs and otherphenomena. A resource for cutting-edge science, disease research, UFOs and other phenomena.

Hypography: Science for everyone.
A community for everyone interested in science and technology, with science forums, links, news, headlines, quizzes, and reviews. A guide to science links and technology news on the internet.
Labfinder is the UKs first instantly searchable directory of testing and calibration laboratory facilities. is a collaboration between Valtex Systems and Amstel Testing Ltd which will join those with a particular testing or calibration need such as industry, Trading Standards Departments, businesses etc. and match them to the laboratory that can perform that exact test required. Searchable database for testing and calibration laboratory facilities by country and type of experiments.

Nearctica: The Natural History of North America
Comprehensive site including education, natural history, conservation, environment, ecology, evolution, geology, paleontology, and systematics.

NOVAGate - Nordic Gateway to Information in Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.
A gateway to selected resources in the fields of forestry, veterinary, agricultural, food and environmental sciences. Searchable and browsable annotated database by the libraries of the Nova University.

PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway
PSIgate provides access to evaluated network based information services and resources in the physical sciences. The subjects covered by PSIgate include: astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, materials science, physics, and science history and policy. PSIgate is a JISC-funded service. PSIgate provides access to evaluated network based information services and resources in the physical sciences.

Sciboard, New and Improved!.
Contains to biology, chemistry, environmental, games, higher education, math, paranormal, physics, space, and technology webpages. Includes a quiz bowl and FAQ's page. Maintained by the University of Louisville.

SciCentral: Gateway to the best scientific research news sources.
This site features a selection of the most reliable and timely research news sources, organized by scientific area. Science portal includes breaking news from scientific journals, universities and government sources.

Science World .
Links to science resources. Also includes weather links. : FirstGov for Science - Government Science Portal. is a gateway to government science information provided by U.S. Government science agencies, including research and development results. Collection of information provided by U.S. government agencies, including research and development results.

SEO Friendly Reciprocal Link Exchange Directory
A link directory where you can submit the URL of your website.

STN Easy
Web-based search engine that accesses more than 60 databases in the Scientific and Technical Information Network. Includes Scitech, regulatory information, MSDS, chemical inventories, toxicology, chemical suppliers, other topics.

STN International on the Web
STN International is the onlinescientific and technical information service dedicated to meetingthe information needs of scientists, engineers, and informationprofessionals throughout the world. STN provides a completecollection of in-depth databases in science and technology togive you quick, direct links to the literature, patents, andchemical catalogs. STN on the Web combines the STN commandfunctionality with web browser technology. The complete set ofSTN commands, as well as graphic chemical structure searching isavailable. Also available are browser features such ashyperlinks, images integrated in text, and context-sensitivehelp. STN on the Web also offers seamless access to electronicand paper full-text resources, as well as the wealth of STN'suser documentation just a click away.

The Science Page
Resources in: biology, chemistry, physics, environment, weather, earth science, space, paleontology, science fairs, analogies, constants, history, magazines, newsgroups, teacher resources and more. Links to resources in all main science areas, plus newsgroups, constants, history, teacher resources and science analogies.

The Strategic Guide to Quality Scientific Information
Descriptions, ratings and links for a few "top internet sites" in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology.

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