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90-Second Naturalist
Cincinnati Zoo's 90-Second Naturalist radio program is accessible and much information on the earth's biological diversity.

CEMED - Centre for Environmental Management Education and Development
CEMED (Centre for Environmental Management Education and Development) - Promoting Sustainability in Business Education in Hong Kong and mainland China. Conducts conferences and other activities to promote sustainability in business education and support the integration of environmental topics into business school curricula and research management initiatives throughout China and Asia Pacific Region.

ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society
High-quality, safe educational website for children, pertaining to the ecology of the environment. Huge list of annotated credible scientific links are provided to help children learn about the earth sciences and how to preserve our environment. Children will be able to explore wildlife, see spectacular pictures and listen to the sounds of nature. Educational website intended for children, with diverse material about ecology, the environment, and endangered species. Includes credible scientific links about wildlife and earth sciences and how to preserve our environment.

Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand
EEDNZ: Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand, a databaseof resources for educators and students of all levels. Directory for education about the environment including field studies and activities directed at influencing environmental concerns.

Environmental Leadership Program (ELP)
Non-profit organization offering fellowships and conducting other programs to foster professional development in the environmental field.

Environmental Media Corporation
Design, produce, and distribute media to support environmental education for the classroom and community.

Generation Earth Program
Designed for students to understand that their habits and behaviors have a direct effect on source reduction and pollution prevention. A program of the LA County Department of Public Works.

Exploring and preserving nature with children, parents, and teachers. Featuring articles, lessons, games, teaching center, and a secure online store full of fun-filled learning products!. Exploring and preserving nature with children, parents, and teachers. Includes related merchandise for home and school.

NANA, Inc.
Provides environmental, horticultural, and arts education services to institutions, community organizations and agencies in the Philadelpha, PA, area.

Planet Connecticut
Planet Connecticut is an environmental education program that teaches students in Connecticut about ecosystems, global warming, climate change and how their choices impact the environment. Program that teaches students in Connecticut about ecosystems, global warming, climate change and how their choices impact the environment.

SeaTrek BVI
Summer camp education experience in the British Virgin Islands. Featuring Marine Biology, Scuba Diving, & Sailing. Marine science education in the British Virgin Islands, including seamanship, marine science, scuba diving, and sailing. Includes a description of programs, staff, photo album, voyage details, and links.

SEEK:Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
SEEK: Sharing Environmental EducationKnowledge, Minnesota's Interactive Directory of Environmental EducationResources. Minnesota's interactive directory of environmental education resources lists events, curriculum resources, learning centers, and other resources.

Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour
Stan Slaughter, Eco-Troubadour, is the Heartland's best known and most honored environmental educator. Since 1987 he has pioneered innovative environmental education with lively, fact filled programs that create mental and physical memories through direct experience that result in true learning. . Teacher and seasoned performer who travels throughout the U.S. performing for children and adults at schools, museums, libraries and festivals. Combines innovative environmental education with lively, fact filled assemblies and workshops supported by curriculum resource materials. Website has extensive program information and links.

Taiga Net
FW4 DW4 HTML. Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op and sites on environment, science and communities. Includes: co-management, caribou, swans, wolves, wetlands, community sustainability, and your Yukon weekly column.

Tanya's Earth Science Classroom
This website is intended for use by students, teachers and those in general with an interest in science who have a basic understanding of algebra and trigonometry

The Center for Environmental Education and Natural History at Miami University
Presents a starting point to explore numerous different aspects of environmental education at all levels. Its goal is to increase awareness of opportunities and events to the general public as well as those dedicated to environmental education and betterment.

The Dr. Wilderness Show
Touring science magic show offered by a non-profit company in the U.S. Delivers an inspiring message of conservation for planet Earth, while teaching science and natural history.

The Environmental Studies Centre
Describes facilities and programs for practical environmental education or "field studies" on the island of Cyprus. Students visit from schools and colleges in Cyprus, the Middle East and Western Europe.

Virtual House
Interactive site by World Wildlife Fund teaches users about global environmental issues.

We're live-n-direct
Environmental tips and information written by youth. This site has been put together by young people from the Camden Children and Neighbourhoods Project hosted by South Camden Community School.

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