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21st Century Solar
Solar products for your auto, home or small electronic devices - solar panels, solar battery chargers, solar powered lanterns, solar powered radios, and solar home products.

alternative energy
EcoDevotion supports renewable source energy such as solar and wind powers which do not contribute to the major causes of global climate change.

Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate, ARRPEEC
Conducting research on energy-environment-climate issues in Asia. Objectives include mitigation of greenhouse gases and other hazardous emissions. Centered in Bangkok, Thailand.

Biomass Engineering
Biomass Engineering is an international leader in the design, production and installation of biomass renewable energy systems.

China Shine Solar Panel Factory
we are a professional china manufacturer of all kind of good quality solar panels .Our factory can offer solar module at very ver low price.

Coal Combustion, Inc.
Provides coal and power industries with sound coal quality and utilization services through classes, seminars, and training. Offers articles, publications, and stories.

CoalBed Methane Coordination Coalition
Wyoming group concerned with protecting ownership and lease rights, preventing waste or damage to natural resources, providing safe working and living environments, and other aspects of coalbed methane development.

Electrotechnology Applications Center
Learn how ETAC helps businesses increase productivity, improve energy efficiency, and achieve and maintain environmental compliance by applying alternative technologies. Provides confidential assistance to businesses to improve productivity, increase energy efficiency, and achieve and maintain environmental compliance.

Energia eolica
Energia eolica the wind turbines are composed of a rotor with blades, a generator.

Gas Prices Hurt is a website dedicated to combatting high gas prices through petition, while providing an open forum for visitors to discuss how gas prices are hurting them, as well as a means for visitors to support each other, lend advise, tips, suggestions, and voice their frustrations regarding the fuel price crisis we are all enduring at this trying time in our country?s history. We also provide many interesting facts and tips that visitors can use to ease the pain at the pump.

Green Energy Project
Information on green energy, green electricity, green power, emissions trading markets, reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides, particulates, mercury, greenhouse gases, and other pollutants. Calculate the pollution from your electricity use. Information on "green energy" sources, energy-related emissions and their environmental impacts, and economic benefits of emissions reductions.

iMonitorEnergy – Monitoring Energy for all of your properties from one location.
iMonitorEnergy (iME) is the leading edge energy cost control solutions provider for commercial buildings and businesses. We provide cost effective turnkey solutions to manage your building's energy use.

National Photovoltaic Environmental, Health and Safety Assistance Center
Information and analysis on environmental aspects of photovoltaic (solar electric) technology, including concerns about heavy metals in solder. Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Plastic Waste Conversion
Catalytic pyrolysis - Plastic waste to energy conversion. Conversion of plastic waste into energy by pyrolysis and catalytic breakdown. Catalytic Pyrolysis is an efficient process for plastic waste conversion into energy.

Renewing India
A portal dedicated to energy and environment in India. A site dedicated to energy and environment in India. An exhaustive information on all forms of renewable energy and energy efficiency, energy policies, news, newsletters, and articles.

Roy's Home Page
Roy's Home Page featuring Human and environmental impact of hydroelectric Projects in Canada and India, Resources Planning, Great Whale Project, dam safety, photos, biodata, Government of Kerala links. Information and analysis on the human and environmental impacts of hydroelectric projects and other energy technology, dam safety, integrated resource planning, and other topics. Includes comparative study of hydroelectric projects in Canada and India.

Safe Waste And Power
A consultancy company that promotes the use of Plasma Gasification for waste disposal and power generation. Describes what it is and how it works.

SGA Energy Limited
Renewable Energy Efficiency and climate change SGA Energy is a firm of environmental consulting engineers and economists based in Ottawa Canada providing project development services in Canada and developing countries. Environmental consulting firm of engineers and economists performing studies on renewable energy development, climate change topics, and other aspects of energy and environment, in Canada and internationally.

Solar Panels, Grid Tie Solar Power Systems and Photovoltaic Cells!
DMSolar designs, builds and deploys solar panels, photovoltaic cells and turnkey solar energy solutions throughout the world!

Solar Site converts your click into solar energy. The power supply is set up into poor area by non profit organizations. Lists innovative uses of solar energy used around the planet.

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