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A.I. Scientific
Ai Scientific helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of laboratories world-wide. . Develops and manufactures smart automation systems for pathology, industrial and environmental laboratories.

AB Controls
laboratory automation, robotic arms, automated test equipment, ATE. Custom hardware and software for factory automation, laboratory automation, data acquisition, motion control, robotics and machine vision applications.

Abgene manufactures a range of molecular biology reagents, PCR reagents, QPCR, microplates, biotechnologies, electrophoresis,plastic consumables and instrumentation for the life sciences. Manufactures molecular biology reagents, plastic consumables and instrumentation for the life sciences market, including products for PCR.

Aclara BioSciences
A life sciences company focused on developing and commercializing novel assay chemistry solutions for pharmaceutical drug discovery and development, providing critical high-value information about the expression and interaction of genes and proteins within cells. Microfluidics arrays ("lab-on-a-chip") for high-throughput pharmaceutical drug screening, multiplexed gene expression analysis, and multiplexed SNP genotyping.

Services and products for laboratory automation.

Advanced Automation
Custom automated manufacturing systems and process solutions equipment for assembly, test, process, controls and material handling applications. Turnkey supplier of custom hardware solutions.

Advanced ChemTech
Synthesis instrumentation, and chemicals for combinatorial, organic and peptide chemistry.

Advent Design
Custom engineering solutions and services in automation, product and machine design.

Affordable Automation
Design, installation and maintenance of laboratory and industrial robotics solutions, control software to modular systems.

Lab automation, instrument interfacing and software for analytical instrumentation.

Agencourt Bioscience
Agencourt genomic services enable biotechnology, pharmaceutical, government and academic research laboratories to develop new and more effective drugs. Agencourt offers an array of SPRI-based nucleic acid purification kits for customers who wish to improve and automate their own sequencing and discovery initiatives. Provides products and services for the genomics and proteomics industries.

Amersham Biosciences
Biotechnology systems, products and services for drug discovery, genomics, proteomics, and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. (pop ups and banner ads)

Anthos Labtec Instruments
Anthos: World-wide dealer network for microplate absorbance, luminescence, washing instruments. Measurement technologies and washer for microplates.

Apogent Technologies
Laboratory, life science, and diagnostic products used in healthcare diagnostics and scientific research.

Applied Biosystems
Basic research, commercial research (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and standardized testing, including forensic human identification, HIV genotyping and food testing.

Applied Robotics
Applied Robotics is a leading global provider of end-of-arm-tooling and connectivity solutions designed to meet unique application and market needs. Building on a foundation of quality products, industry knowledge and partnership, the company's specialized solutions bring new levels of flexibility and efficiency to bear on the industrial process. Automation accessories.

Argonaut Technologies
Argonaut Technologies provides innovative instruments and chemical products to accelerate organic synthesis throughout R&D in pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, fine chemicals, and materials science. Instruments and chemical products to provide organic synthesis throughout research and development in pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals, fine chemicals, and materials science.

Arrick Robotics
Arrick Robotics Automation and Mobile Robots. Mobile robots, stepper motor systems, XY positioning tables, automation accessories, technical information.

Astech Projects
Astech Projects are a privately owned Engineering company specialising in the supply of advanced automation control solutions. Astech are suppliers to the Laboratory, Water, Nuclear and Process industries. laboratory automation, laboratory automation. Specialise in the development and supply of advanced automated system solutions.

Autodose is a Swiss start-up company which supplies high precision automated powder dispensing and weighing equipments. The AutoDose's Powdernium is a precision computer controlled robot for weighing powders. It has a typical dispensing range of 10 mg to 20 gm into capsules (size 4 ?? 00), scintillation vials or bottles ??. Automated precision powder dispensing equipment that is used in R and D laboratories.

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