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Academic Technical Services
We have collectively over 70 years of experience working in University Academic Research. We can quickly interpret your research goals and produce instrumentation and equipment specifically to your needs.

All World Scientifics: Wine Testing Supplies
Wine testing supplies by AWS scientific - winemakers analysis supply. A full-line scientific supplier offering laboratory equipment with a focus on wine testing.

Alpkem Technicon AutoAnalyzer Instruments
Technicon Instruments AutoAnalyser Bran Luebbe segmented flow analyser equipment Traacs 2000 Alpkem Lachat Tecator autoanalyzer Bayer continuous flow analyzers. A source for instrumentation used in soil,water, and air analysis. International distributor and manufacturer of peristaltic pump tubing.

APS Labware
Analytical Platinum Supplies is an Australian company focused on developing a range of manufactured products for the latinum and platinum alloy markets. Specializes in design, manufacturing and service organisation of platinum alloy products, including crucibles and evaporating dishes.

Arrington Research
ViewPoint EyeTracker - Affordable eye tracking software and hardware as a stand alone system or as an embedded eye tracker solution for OEMs. Eye movement measurement and analysis software and hardware systems. Eye tracking: ViewPoint Eye Tracker software and hardware.

Astell Scientific - Autoclave and Sterilizer manufacturer
Astell Scientific - autoclaves and sterilization products. Astell Scientific Ltd. Manufacturers of autoclaves and sterilizers for laboratory and medical applications.

Asylum Research
Asylum Research manufactures advanced Atomic Force/Scanning Probe Microscopy instruments and accessories for nanoscale science and technology. Our atomic force microscope (AFM) products are optimized for advanced research in all science applications incuding material science and polymers, single molecule studies, life science, colloidal science and much more. Supplier of innovative instrumentation for nano-science and technology. The focus of the site is on Atomic Force Microscopy instruments and supplies.

ASYS Hitech
ASYS Hitech homepage - covering Laboratory Equipment and Laboratory software, especially for Microplate application. Manufactures microplate readers, washers, dispensers and shaker/incubators for microplate applications. Includes company profile, product specifications, and documentation downloads.

ATAGO U.S.A. - Manufacturer of Refractometers and Polarimeters
Atago CO., LTD.--manufacturer of various refractometers, polarimeter, phmeter, saltmeter, Brix meter, refractive index such as Abbe, hand-held, digital, pocket and in-line process models. ATAGO manufactures quality Refractometers and Polarimeters for use in the food and beverage industry, research labs, industrial facilities, universities and clinics.

Automated Fusion Technology
Specialists in sample preparation for X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission (ICP-AE) Spectrometric Analysis and Platinumware. Sample preparation for (XRF) and (ICP-AE) spectrometric analysis and platinum ware.

Scientific, Medical Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer, Humidity Chambers, Sensors, Incubator, Oven Manufacturer,Axyos is a manufacturer of scientific and medical laboratory equipment, including environmental chambers, humidity chamber, shelf life test, plant growth, tissue culture, ovens, Incubators, water bath growth cabinet, blood storage, walk-in chambers. Australian manufacturer of laboratory & scientific equipment to ISO9001 specifications. The product line includes a range of cell culture and incubation products.

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd
Bellingham + Stanley are scientific instrument makers and are among the world's leading manufacturers of refractometer and polarimiter products. This Website details their products and services. Manufactures refractometers and polarimeters.

Big-Dipper Technochem Institute
Offers chemical analyzers, and meters for moisture, humidity, pH and conductivity, in China.

Manufacturer of amino acid analysers, UV/visible spectrophotometers, microplate readers, low volume liquid dispensers and gel electrophoresis equipment. Product information, company profile, news and jobs.

Bioscreen C MBR homepage
A proven precision incubator and a culture growth monitoring instrument (OD reader) for up to 200 samples. Also the source for consumables and information regarding the instrument.

Boeckeler Instruments
Manufacturer of precision video measuring devices for the industrial, biomedical, and presentation markets.

Brookhaven Instruments
Instruments for particle sizing, laser light scattering, zeta potential & polymer and particle characterisation. Also microspheres and certified standard particles. Instruments for particle sizing, laser light scattering, zeta potential & polymer and particle characterisation. We also sell microspheres and certified standard particles.

Caldon, Inc
Caldon, Inc. specializes in advanced transit time ultrasonic technology -- measurements based on the movement of sound waves through fluids. Specializes in advanced measurements based on the movement of sound waves through fluids.

Caloris Group S.A.
Caloris Group S.A.- Productie, Proiectare, Distributie. Furnaces for heat treatment, dental laboratories, and calcination of organic materials, as well as ovens, incubators, thermostatic baths, hospital furniture, electro-thermal Soxhlet heating mantles, and Kjeldahl digestion units.

Captec sensors, the global solution for heat transfer
Captec manufactures and designs instruments responsive to incident energy, such as calibrated transducers responsive to heat transfer through conduction, convection, radiation and visible radiation. Customized devices are also available.

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