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A Voyage to Arctucus
Jay Manifold's blog about science and scientific applications.

Algorithm and the Blog
Vaguely scientific and philosophical musings from a Biblical Worldview by an algorithm scientist. A philosophical and biased look at science, algorithms and the web.

Another World Is Here
A group weblog discussing and analyzing tools, ideas, models, and technologies for building a better future. Collaborative blog dedicated to current events and news, also covering scientific issues.

Anthropology of long term care
Long Term Care Insurance, long term care insurance issues, and seniors. Musings on the socio-anthropological effect of current events on U.S. seniors and health care.

Future technological trends and their likely effects on human society, politics and evolution.

House of Baloney
Baloney.Com leads users to news (mainstream and alternative), science, engineering, technology,space, physics, calculus, probability, statistics, trigonomtry. Blog revolves around science, technology and NASA news stories and issues.

Impact Lab by The DaVinci Institute
News from the Future. The Impact Lab is nothing less that a relentless pursuit of the critical components of the world to come. We're all about emerging technology and the forces impacting it. We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas as we journey into the future.

Johns Hopkins - Behavior and Health Blog
, Behavior influences public health. This Blog discusses how to prevent, intervene, and modify public behaviors to improve public health outcomes. Multi-disciplinary forum about how to most effectively change behavior to improve health.

A weblog about science (particularly chemistry and pharmaceuticals) from a working researcher at a drug company.

Math News and Online Tools
Web-based mathematics tools. Message boards, calculation tools, publishing tools, and more. This site is developed primarilyby the users. It's designed to be a one-stop domain for all things math. Mathforge provides news and discussion about current events in mathematics and general science. Users may also explore various tools for the effective communication of online technical content.

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