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A Model of Reality
This new theory is a physics breakthrough that completely rewrites fundamental modern physics with reality-based principles.

A new principle of motion,
Neutral energy implements empty space just as mass implements occupied space, with a twist though. Mass, as well as gravity, is neutral energy (empty space) configured into coordinated energy. Making abstraction of time, this site gets rid of Physics inconsistencies.

A Novel Nuclear Reactor
Exciting new physics point to new type of nuclear fusion reactor. A completely novel and radically different type of nuclear fusion reactor.

Allan's Time Interval Metrology Enterprise
Unified field theory, new gravity model, and experimental evidence, by internationally recognized leader in the field of precise time and frequency measurements, David W. Allan. New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.

Ashmore's Paradox
the hubble constant expressed in terms of the parameters of the electron. The Hubble constant is a combination of the parameters of the electron and the planck constant.

Big Bertha Thing
The world's top FREE web host and web tool provider. Get a website, guestbook, counter, forum, calendar, or over 20 other FREE interactive web tools!. High energy particle physics research project, results and software. Outlandish particle periodic table. Scientific cartoons. Spam attack stategic studies. Documentation on 1st and 2nd battles of cyberspace. Astrophysics net ring.

Bizaar Theoretical Physics by Carl Sundberg geothermal energy. This site will introduce the world to usable relative energy found in rotating gravitational bodies, time travel limitations, extremely low power space travel systems, alternatives to fossil and atomic fuels and methods to power the planet with geothermal energy.

Einstein Conspiracy
Conspiracy to suppress history of alternative physics that links the ideas of Einstein, Tesla and Newton through the missing link of 18th century genius Boscovich.

Electrical Theory of Universe
Electrical Universe Theory - Magnoflux tunnels confine almighty plasma flash within an electric universe. by A C Stevens C.Eng M. I. E. E. Magnoflux tunnels within an electric universe - Electrical Theory.

Faraday Laboratory Co.
Research laboratory Faraday Lab Ltd and printed magazineNew Energy Technologies, advanced propuslion, free energy, time control, over-unity, ether,time machine, teleportation. Includes descriptions of time machines, torsion field generators and accelerators, and the table of contents for the magazine "New Energy Technologies".

An alternative approach to the question of the nature of energy, space and time. The definition of each leads to a suggested theory of a "Moving space."

Foundation Physics
This work is based on an elementary particle, the P-Particle, and includes amongst other topics, discussions of relativity, origin of background radiation, nature of black holes and the nature of light.

Fundamentals of new physics and of the universe picture
Two hypothesises which resolve the inconsistent experimental material and problems accumulated by modern science.

Great Mysteries of Physics and the Bible
Speculation about future technologies based on gravity and condensed matter.

Hypothetical Collisions of an Ideal Solid
A modern atomist theory of the physical universe.Alternative theory that overturns Einstein's Theory of Relativity and returns physics to Classical Mechanics with absolute space and time.

Irreversible Systems
Trata del vuelo de los insectos (abejorro en particular). Tambi-en de la teoria fisico-cosmologica que ello implica. Y publicaciones paralelas (dinamica, cosmologia, antigravedad). This web page deals with an Irreversible New Dynamics, being the Newtonian Dynamics a particular case of it. It is applicable in insect flight, astrophysics, etc. A New Dynamics, with Newtonian Dynamics as a special case. Applicable in insect flight, and astrophysics.

KeelyNet - Free Energy/Gravity Control/Alternative Health
A loose network of researchers, experimenters, interested people and groups who communicate freely and share information. We long ago realized the only way we will ever see these advanced technologies used in our everyday lives is by freely sharing our ideas and discoveries. To achieve that end, we collect and correlate information from many sources which provide insights and direction toward making these goals a reality.

Living Universe
Origin of the Universe. Cosmological model that assigns character of being live to our universe. This model proposes that the Big-Bang model and the Steady-State model are complementary. Quantum origin of the Universe. This model proposes that the Big-Bang model and the Steady-State model are complementary.

Magic Model Of The Nucleus
This is a model Of The atomic nucleus based on the magic numbers. The model leads to a periodic table of the nucleus based on common structures.

Mountain Math Software
Free software and free speculation.

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