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The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/International Quantum Electronics Conference are the most highly regarded conferences in the fields of lasers, electro-optics and quantum electronics. California 16-21 May 2004

The 12th General Conference of the European Physical Society, "Trends in Physics". Budapest, Hungary; 26--30 August 2002.

First Global Grid Forum & European Datagrid Conference
The Global Grid Forum is the combination of the mostly US-based GridForum and the European GridForum together with the leaders from the Asia-Pacific grid communities. The decision to link these activities was made during the latest GridForum (GF5) meeting last November in Marlborough, Massachusetts (Boston area). This is the first Global meeting in a series which will be held regularly as a continuation of the original GridForum meetings.

From Solid State to Biophysics II
Conference aims to understande living matter which, given its enormous complexity, may require some of the techniques at least partly elaborated in solid state physics. Croatia 26 June - 2 July 2004

Frontiers In Contemporary Physics - II
Topics : Search for the Quark-Gluon Plasma CP Violation and B Decays Cosmology: Cosmological Constant, CMB Spectrum, Early Universe Field Theory Developments in Neutrino Physics Highest Energy Cosmic Rays Tests of the Standard Model, and Beyond, With High Energy or High Statistics Data Prospects for Future Accelerator and Non Accelerator Programs

ICPS 2000 Zadar
International Conference for Physics Students in Zadar, Croatia (August 4-11, 2000).

International Conference For Physics Students (ICPS)
ICPS 2003. A conference run by the International Association of Physics Students (IAPS). Reports on past and future conferences, including photographs, message board, and Powerpoint presentations used. 7-13 Aug 2003.

International Conference for Physics Students 2002 Budapest
Homepage of the ICPS2002, the annual Conference of International Association of Physics Students. In 2002 it is organized by the Hungarian Association of Physicis Students, and it is held in Budapest, Hungary. XVII International Conference for Physics Students ICPS2002. 20-28 Aug 2002, Budapest, Hungary.

International Conference on Magnetism ICM 2003
The International Conference on Magnetism (ICM) belongs to a series of Conferences, held triennially under the auspices of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), with the purpose of providing a forum to the international magnetism community.

MAMOA Workshop
Main Pithagi Page. National Workshop and International Symposium on the Mathematical Aspects of Modern Optics and Its Applications (WS-MAMOA), Physics Department, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Bandung, Indonesia, from 29 January to 9 February, 2001.

NSREC - Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference
IEEE sponsored meeting presenting the latest techniques for enhancing performance of microelectronic circuits used in radiation environments.

The Megagauss Institute
Announcing the Ninth Megagauss Conference, Moscow-St. Petersburg, Russia, July 2002 sponsored by the Megagauss Institute. US sponsor of the Megagauss Conferences on high magnetic field science and applications - Information on Megagauss.

XXVI-th International Conference on Phenomena of Ionized Gases. Greifswald, Germany; 15--20 July 2003.

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