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Advancing Physics AS/A2 Level Course from the Institute of Physics
Advancing Physics AS/A2 Level Course from the Institute of Physics. The web site provides resources for Teachers, Students and Technicians involved in the study of AS or A2 Level Physics.

Assessing-to-Learn (A2L)
A research project on the use of continuous formative assessment in the high-school physics classroom. The website provides participating teachers with a library of assessment items (carefully constructed questions) to choose from for their classes, and with an associated library of teacher aids which provide help with the pedagogically effective use of the items.

Astrophysics Science Project Integrating Research and Education (ASPIRE)
Site dedicated to helping teachers with lessons in physics and astrophysics by giving computer activities that help show how physical models work.

Bad Physics
Misunderstood things in physics with simple explanations.

Computer Simulation Methods
A web site devoted to faculty and students using computer simulation techniques as a method of discovery in physics. This is a companion site to a textbook, but provides content from other sources as well.

Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP)
A non-profit organization of teachers, educators, and physicists; at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

International Physics Olympiad 2001
International Physics Olympiad - 2001. Official site of IPhO 2001.

Introductory College Physics for the 21st Century Home Page
ICP21 is the Website for Introductory College Physics for the 21st Century which describes the new physics curriculum as well as information on workshops available to physics instructors.

JC Physics
Physics resource for students taking A Level and college freshman physics. A resource for A Level Physics. Those doing high-school, O Level or first year university physics may also find this site helpful. Reviews of material, questions, and archives of previous answers.

Physical Science Resource Center (PSRC)
This site has plenty of resources for physics and physical science teachers K-16.

Physics at Merton College
Merton College Physics - your Gateway to A-level physics, applets, coursework. Matters related to the AS-level & A-level physics courses. The material covers topics in physics and its related mathematics and will supplement one's normal classwork.

Physics for Beginners
A Beginner's Guide to Physics. An introduction to some concepts in physics for the absolute beginner. Included is an equation solver which is for use with the Physics For Beginners section. An introduction to some concepts in physics for the absolute beginner. Included is a equation solver which is for use with the Physics For Beginners section.
A site for UK students wishing to do physics or engineering, at all levels; with help in deciding on a future in physics.

Professor Stephen Hawking Online
Biographical, educational, and scholarly. Also includes a bit of fun (did you know he was on The Simpsons TV show?)

Supports centers at 60 universities and laboratories that are participants in the collider experiments at CERN in Switzerland and at Fermilab in Illinois. Physicists will mentor and collaborate with high school teachers. Stipends are provided to the teachers who participate.

Experiments, electronics and historic technology. Descriptions and photographs of electrostatics, electron bombardment and wave experiments done with home equipment.

Thermal and Statistical Physics Curriculum Development Project
Includes an introduction to the project and its conferences, related papers and links, and some Java applets.

TYC Physics Workshops
Information about workshops provided for two-year or community college physics teachers and the products of this project.

Web Physics Project
A flexible low budget outlet for small volume, high quality, HTML-based curricular material. It provides a forum for physics educators to exchange curriculum ideas and resources that make use of web technology (primarily public domain material), and provides a medium for the dissemination of student work.

West Point Bicentennial Engineering Design Contest
Design a truss bridge using the award-winning West Point Bridge Designer software. Win a $15,000 scholarship and a laptop computer. It's free!. Bridge design contest (using specialized software) to celebrate West Point's 200 years of service to the United States of America. November 11, 2001 - February 28, 2002. Anyone can enter. U.S. students in grades K through 12 are eligible to compete for prizes. Overview, rules, resources, and FAQ.

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