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A Brief History of Temperature Measurement
The biographies of 7 scientists who contributed to the subject of temperature measurements. A table of some significant temperatures is presented.

A Concise History of Thermodynamics
An overview of the history/evolution of thermodynamics. This is an excerpt from a biography of J. Willard Gibbs. The overview is available from the site in MS Word or pdf/Acrobat format.

Gas viscosity
Low temperature behavior of gases. Therminology and short explanations.

Handbook of thermodynamics and heat transfer
The information on thermodynamics, the properties of fluids and three modes of heat transfer is presented.

Superfluidity of helium
The question "what is superfluidity?" is answered on example of Helium. The physics of this condition, history of discovering are also presented.

The world of thermodynamics
the basic terms of thermodynamics, kinetic theory and three thermodynamics laws.

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