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An online community and resource for architects, urban designers, landscape architects, planners, and scholars, with a special focus on the Islamic world.

Bruner Foundation
Provides annual award for urban excellence and forums for the discussion of issues related to urban architecture, planning, and revitalization.

Building Better Communities Network
An information clearinghouse and communication forum dedicated to building inclusive communities and to successfully siting affordable housing and community services.

Center for Land Use Interpretation
Dedicated to the increase and diffusion of information about how the world's lands are apportioned, utilized and perceived. Research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. It employs a variety of methods to pursue its stated aim, engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition.
CharretteCenter Studio. Information on planning, conducting, and implementing results from design charettes.

Citistates Group
Network of journalists, speakers and advisers committed to competitive, equitable and sustainable 21st century metropolitan regions.

City Comforts Blog
Weblog examining urban issues from a mildly libertarian standpoint.

CityMayors examines how the city mayors who govern the world's cities deal with today's urban issues. News about the world's cities and how their mayors are dealing with today's urban issues.

An Asia-Pacific regional network of local authorities, with an agenda empahsizing urban development.

Community Initiatives
An alliance of professionals dedicated to creating healthy and sustainable communities wherever people live, work, play and lead. Serves corporations, organizations, and community collaborations in producing transformative outcomes.

Urban Ecology
An organization dedicated to building ecologically and socially healthy cities.

Urban Futures
A project of the Reason Public Policy Institute. Promotes voluntary, private-sector and market-oriented solutions to sprawl and other urban problems.

Urban Photo
Grassroots website established in 1999 to promote urbanism and explore issues through photography.

Urban Planning Now
We provide the best service for finding a job in urban planning. Job postings and links to planning employers.

Urban Residue
Innovative cases: Portland(Oregon), Strasbourg (France), Bilbao and Valencia (Spain), and theUniversity of Chicago. Trading Places, Globalization, and assortedplanning links. Papers on the nature of public space and profiles of progressive urban areas.

An introduction to the concept of urbanicity. is the hottest source for projects and writings on urban issues, design and culture. Blog reporting on architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, public art, suburbanism, and urbanism issues.

Urban projects, ideas, and plans. Virtual tour in ghetto spaces, urban planning students network and philosophy for the Urban Planning Department of Columbia.

A portal to the urban simulation community at the crossroads between urbanism and technology to visualize, analyze and simulated the built environment in 3D.

Village At is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information about land use issues and sustainable development. Providing information about land use issues and sustainable land development.

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