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( HRS ) Hoare Research Software Ltd.
Hoare Research Software (HRS) is New Zealand's supplier of the world's best statistical, mathematical and business software. We are New Zealand's supplier for the world's best technical business, statistics, mathematics, engineering and scientific software for your needs: including MATLAB, SPSS, Mathematica, Mathcad, and SigmaPlot.

Australian Scientific Software
Commercial Application Engineering And Industrial Software. Comercial software a economical rates.

Calerga - Interactive Scientific Visualisation, Analysis, and Design.
Calerga is the home of SysQuake, ground-breakingsoftware for scientific visualisation.Through innovative use of interactive graphics, SysQuake reveals insightsinto complex mathematical systems. - Adept Scientific Plc. is a web-based resource presenting the best in scientific, technical and bibliographic software to simplify your research. Manufacturers of Endnote, a tool for bibliographic and scientific reference organization and citation.

CoHort Software - Graphics and Statistics Software for Scientists and Engineers.
Graphics and statistics software forscientists and engineers:CoPlot (for publication quality 2D and 3D graphs, maps, and technical drawings),CoStat (for statistical analysis), andCoCalc (a free RPN scientific calculator). CoHort Software creates graphics and statistics software for scientists and engineers. CoPlot is an extremely versatile program for creating publication-quality scientific graphs, maps, and technical drawings. CoStat is an easy-to-use program for data manipulation and statistics.

Computational Math in C++
A set of libraries written in C++ is presented for solving important tasks of computational mathematics such as arbitrary precision computations and matrix algebra.

Deconvolution microscopy software by Scientific Volume Imaging
Deconvolution microscopy software by Scientific Volume Imaging. Deconvolution and visualization software for microscopy, available on Windows, Mac, Irix and Linux.

eXY, A Windows Data Analysis and XY Plotting Software Package.
eXY is a Windows Data Analysis and XY plotting application. A free version can be downloaded for non-commercial use and trial evaluation. Designed to rapidly analyse data. A productive graphical user interface allows complete control over page layouts. Easy creation and use of page layouts. Seamless integration of interactive and batch modes. Key features are quality XY plot software package, XY plot program, user friendly interface, traceable analysis. Shareware Windows application. Capabilities include Least-squares, Akima and Cubic spline interpolation. Creative freedom with page layouts allows shared/multiple plot axis, dimensioning and inclusion of pictures/logos.

Field Precision
Finite-element software for electromagnetics, bioengineering, and shock hydrodynamics

GRID.ORG ™ - Grid Computing Projects is a single destination site for large-scale research projects powered by the United Devices Grid MP Global. With the participation of over 2 million devices worldwide, projects like Cancer Research, Anthrax Research, and the new Smallpox Research Project have achieved record levels of processing speed and success. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a technology company that develops the infrastructure required to aggregate unused computing resources on the Internet.

Hearne Scientific Software
Caters mainly to scientists, engineers and researchers.

Henry Thorson Consulting
The home page of Henry Thorson Consulting contains a listing of our specialities in customized applications development andthe platforms, languages, and tools with which we have worked. Customized scientific computer applications on Unix and Windows platforms and distributed systems. Bothell, Washington, USA.

Image analysis software for quality control.
Provides image analysis systems and image analysis software for quality control and research laboratories. Provides digital imaging solutions for the acquisition, archiving, and analysis of images used in quality control and research laboratories.

Inspiration Software
Inspiration Kidspiration Software for education business student and professionals. Inspiration software helps you to brainstorm ideas, organize and plan. Use this graphic organizer to create concept maps, mind maps and flowcharts. Also webs and outlines.

Instrument Interfacing Experts.
Labtronics is a world leader in the development of laboratoryinstrument interfacing and automation software. Choose from thousands of scientific, academic and laboratory software programs.
Makers of industry standard Windows and Mac image analysis software including Image-Pro Plus and Gel-Pro Analyzer.

Multidisciplinary Software Systems Research Corporation
Custom science, engineering, and mathematical software for business, academia, research, and government.

Neyer Software
Provider of Efficient Sensitivity Test and Analysis Software. Sensitivity test and analysis software for Windows platforms. Also includes descriptions of the algorithms used and a glossary.

Northern Lights Software Associates
Nova for Windows is an innovative real-time satellite tracking program. Nova includes realistic maps, unlimited satellites, observers, views, plus auto-tracking of antennas. Nova for Windows tracks an unlimited number of satellites in real time.

Perfectly Scientific
The scientific algorithm company. Experts in compression, wavelets, FFT, general transforms, color graphics, Monte Carlo, fractals, convolution, signal processing, matrix algebra, genetic algorithms, number theory.

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