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Development, production and sales of systems in the fields of radar and sonar technology as well as consultancy work.

Cool Sound Industries, Inc
new environmentally safe method of Air Conditioning,Heating and Refrigeration powered by soundwaves. Cool Sound Industries has exclusive licensing agreement with the U.S. government to commercialize this patented technology.Thermoacoustic technology has been successfully applied by Los Alamos, USNavy, NASA andmajor Universities. Information on the development of an environmentally safe method of air-conditioning, heating and refrigerating powered by sound waves.

IMAGINE - Improved Methods for the Assessment of the Generic Impact of Noise in the Environment. Project to develop new calculation methods for railway, road, industrial and aircraft noise, run by European consortium.

Marine Group Home
Institute for Marine Acoustics. Side Scan Sonar and Ocean Exploration.

NewLeap Ltd
NewLeap Ltd's official website. NewLeap Ltd brings together years experience in the development and use of underwater technology solutions. Develops acoustical hardware and software for scientific research in the underwater environment, including a bio-acoustic monitor allowing the recording of cetacean echo-location signals.

Particle Velocity Acoustical Sensors
Microflown Technologies is a high tech venture from the Netherlands. Mission is to develop, manufacture and sell value added applications based upon the Microflown technology platform. Overview of the microflown technology to measure the entire range of acoustical properties like particle velocity, sound power and ( three dimensional ) sound intensity.

PhysicsWeb, The web site for physicists, PhysicsWorld, Institute of Physics, Electronic Publishing, online products and services. You can find articles on acoustics using the search feature.

Sonar, R&D systems, anti-submarine warfare ( ASW ) acoustics engineering and more. Get R&D of sonar systems, anti-submarine warfare ( ASW ) and acoustics engineering. We do R&D of sonar systems & ASW. Specializing in Sonar, R&D systems, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), and acoustics engineering.

Sound and Vibration Magazine
Information for subscriptions, and review of recent issues and events affecting noise and vibration control.
Consulting and educational services in: acoustics; shock and vibration; signal processing; and dynamic data acquisition and analysis.

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