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The 4Anything Network is comprised of web guides that help you find high quality, relevant information online for thousands of topics and cities. . Learn more about engineering for life, otherwise known as bioengineering, with resources like John Hopkins University, MIT, and Bio Chem Net.

Abmin Technologies, Ltd.
Biomaterials for oral, craniomaxillofacial and orthopedic applications.

Affinergy, Inc.
Surface modification coatings for medical devices.

ASD Advanced Simulation & Design
Virtual product development and optimization with computer simulation - CFD / FEM - in biomedicine and engineering. Virtual development and optimisation of products and processes with CFD/FEA - simulation in biomedicine and engineering for improved prediction of functionality.

Azog Labs, Inc.
In vitro rapid diagnostic tests for pregnancy, fertility, infectious diseases, drugs, cancer.

A leader in biomedical polymers and drug delivery, Biocompatibles is dedicated to improving patient outcomes, by developing products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, cancer and benign tumours. Enhancing the biocompatibility of medical devices and enabling localised drug delivery. . International bio-materials group focused on the development and commercial exploitation of its biocompatible phosphorylcholine for use in cardiovascular and urology applications.

BioDevices Biz
The BioDevices Portal and B2B Marketplace profiling biodevices in North America-Canada and the U.S, as well as the U.K. Includes the product marketplace, jobs, news, events, company profiles, business resources and more. Medical devices and diagnostics portal and B2B marketplace.

Biofuture Research Consortium
Private research consortium, constituted in Italy in 2003 to focus research and development in regenerative medicine and other nano- and biotechnologies aimed at repairing damaged or diseased tissues and organs.

Biomaterials UK Membership Portal is designed to promote the growth and competitiveness of the uk biomaterials industry by engaging all parts of the supply chain in the successful devlopment and exploitation of new and improved biomaterial-based medical devices which meet the needs of patients, clinicians and others in the healthcare services. - industry links and resources.

Radiophysical Methods in Medicine
Works in biomedical engineering, biomedical physics, biomechanics, bioacoustics etc. at the Institute of Applied Physics RAS. Biomedical engineering, biomedical physics, biomechanics, and bioacoustics. Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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