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Refinery process engineers Help Desk. A help desk for refinery process engineers. Help via e-mail, also extensive collection of links to equipment and service providers.

ChemExpo chemical industry virtual trade show.
Find chemical products, suppliers and chemical manufacturers worldwide with OPD Search, the chemical buyers directory and searchable database. This leading online chemical directory and database provides international purchasing information for chemicals and chemical services, so if you're looking for suppliers or need to source products, start your search here. is produced by the publishers of Chemical Market Reporter, the weekly newspaper reporting the latest chemical business news. ChemExpo is a virtual trade show for the chemical industry. Navigation is through a show floorplan metaphor, giving access to chemical companies, news, and product search facilities.

Chemical Engineering Resources
Information about many chemical engineering topics

Chemical Online: Virtual community for the chemical process industry
Daily news and product updates for professionals in the chemical industry- Information on manufacturing, technology, equipment, supplies, and discussion forums, online chat, newsletter and software

Diffusion in Polymers
Polymers - such as plastics, glass reinforced plastics, polyester, resins, polyurethanes, coatings - are widely used. However, chemicals like water, organic solvents, gasoline may diffuse through plastics or coatings. Because of this, Diffusion In Polymers is fully dedicated to determination of permeation rates, diffusion coefficients and theories like Free Volume, Fick, Solubility parameter, .. . A web platform for the collection and dissemination of information about diffusion through polymers, such as used for pipelines. The site contains background information, data and a discussion forum.

Dilute-Acid Cellulose Hydrolysis Process & Reactor System
Cellulose is a low cost feedstock for low cost Fuel Ethanol production. BEI's continuous dilute-acid cellulose hydrolysis process is for profitable production of bio-fuel ethanol. Includes a description of the cellulose conversion to bio-ethanol and relative comparisons, the MSW green waste fiber to fuel ethanol, and corn fiber hydrolysis process for fuel ethanol production.

Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
The law of entropy, or the second law of thermodynamics, along with the first law of thermodynamics comprise the most fundamental laws of physics. Entropy (the subject of the second law) and energy (the subject of the first law) and there relationship are fundamental to an understanding not just of physics, but of biology, psychology, and culture. This site contains an introduction, through simple text, links and references, in an easy to understand form to these most fundamental laws. Articles, references, and links providing an up-to-date account of entropy, the second law of thermodynamics, and their profound significance from physics and biology to cognition and psychology.

Pressure Swing Adsorption
For the purification of hydrogen. Site describes ideas and techniques for improving the process to increase product recovery efficiency and plant operating flexibility.

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