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Canadian Innovation Centre
The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) is dedicated to assisting inventors and innovative companies. Services includes invention evaluation, technology due diligence, market research, and education programs.

Car Innovations is the first step for finding car innovations and technical news about cars. Brief explanation about car innovations and links to in-depth articles.

For international patent and us patent information, the Delphion intellectual property network's patent search database helps businesses perform intellectual property monitoring. Free patent searches of US, EPO, and WIPO data, including web access to scanned images of most indexed documents. U.S. data begins in 1971.

European Patent Office
This is the official Web site of the European Patent Organisation. This is the official Web site of the European Patent Office, the executive body of the European Patent Organisation.

From Patent to Profit
From Patent to Profit, Education for Inventors, Inventions, Patents, Patent Search, Research, Licensing, Small Business and Inventors Resources, Patent Software, Intellectual Property, ip law, patents, patent searching, technology transfer, licensing and manufacturing, technology license, inventing, patent attorneys, inventors, patents copyrights and trademarks, patent pending. Book that guides inventors through the invention process including information about patents and invention marketing.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Describes the greatest engineering achievements as determined by the National Academy of Engineering.
This online catalog provides fast access to great books and software for inventors in all fields. Subjects include: successful inventing, patents, copyrights, trademarks, software development, written works and the arts, creativity, innovators and innovation, business aspects, as well as resources for young innovators. Books and software for inventors on intellectual property, licensing, and marketing.

InventNET is the first Internet-based international inventors organization helping inventors with their new ideas & new inventions since 1995. Internet-based organization, helping independent inventors worldwide develop and market their inventions.

Inventors' Net
resources for the serious inventor, ideas, patents, promotion, planetary estate, lunar real estate. Resources including invention announcements, promotion, patent search, patenting and marketing.

Lemelson Foundation
A private philanthropy founded by inventor Jerome Lemelson.

Mandy Haberman
The story of the inventor of the Anywayup Cup and her fight against companies that stole her idea.

Old Technology
Enter a brief description of your site here. Information for collectors and restorers of late 19th and early 20th century technology.

PatentCafe Magazine
IPFrontline(tm) Magazine of Intellectual Property and Technology for patent attorneys inventors venture capitalists technology investors scientists and corporate IP managers. Technology enterprise, intellectual property, and invention news.
Patent searching, downloading and management software for inventors, businesses and patent attorneys. Download and search patents from the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) and the European Patent Office (EPO). Vendor of software to search for U.S. patents.

Designed to assist the free exchange and discussion of good ideas. Good for prospective inventors to check out regularly and for people to post their desires for products that don't exist yet.

United States Patent & Trademark Office
Search patent and trademark databases for free online. Information regarding the patent and trademark process in the United States.

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