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Applied Computational Research Society
Applied Computational Research Society. Nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary approaches to modeling and simulation in the advancement of computational science and high technology. Focused on nanoscience and MEMS applications.

CMP Cientifica
Cientifica is the business information and consulting arm of CMP Cientifica, providing global nanotechnology business intelligence and consulting services to industry and investors worldwide. News, networks, conferences and nanotechnology resources in Europe.

European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology - contains society news, conference information, discussion forums and expertise search. Euspen is a not-for-profit company based at Cranfield University in the UK, with members around the world.

Institute of Nanotechnology (UK)
The Institute of Nanotechnology has been created to foster, develop and promote all aspects of science and technology in those domains where dimensions and tolerances in the range of 0.1 nm to 100nm play a critical role.

Moletronics and Nanotechnology references
Moletronics Reference Page. Links to sites with information mainly on molecular electronics.

Nano Science & Technology Institute
Nanotechnology services, events, publications, courses and news. Home of the Nanotech conference and trade show. Events, publications and news in nanotechnology, microtechnology and biotechnology.

Nanotechnology portal.

NanoComputer Dream Team
Multidisciplinary project to make Earth's first nanometer supercomputer via Internet.

News and Discussion of Coming Technologies: Weblog devoted to nanotechnology-related news stories, with attached discussion forum. (based on Slashdot software)

nanogloss - the online dictionary of nanotechnology. Online dictionary of nanotechnology.

Find a Nanotechnology Job/Search Nanotechnology Resumes. Nanotechnology Career Consultants. Recruiting and placement of staff in nanotechnolgy related positions such as Organic, Inorganic, Biological, Project Management, Research Scientist, Engineer, and Lab Technician.

An online magazine for nanotechnology, with original interviews and articles. Interviews with people in the Nanotechnology field.

The Center for NanoSpace Technologies is a Texas-based nonprofit scientific research and education foundation chartered to conceive, establish, and conduct cutting-edge technology, research, and development in the areas of aerospace, education, energy, life sciences, and shipping & transportation.

Nanotech Planet delivers news andinformation resources on the emerging nanoelectronics field. Articles helpinvestors and professionals understand the field of nanoelectronics and howit effects the future of chips, computing and information technology. News, views, and features in Nanotechnology.

Daily news and information for nanotechnologists!. News for nanotechnologists and investors: regular updates, many links to other nanotechnology websites, archives, search function, newswire.

Nanotechnology Journals Database
Nanotechnology - papers about nanotechnology, from selected scientific journals (PRB, PRL, JACS, JAP, JPCB....). References, and links to, papers about nanotechnology, from selected scientific journals (eg PRB, PRL, JACS, JAP, JPCB).

Nanotechnology Now
Nanotechnology Portal with basics, news, and general information. Covering the Nanospace and reporting on MEMS, Nanomedicine, Nanoelectronics, Nanotubes, Self Assembly, Nanoscale Materials, Quantum Computing, & Molecular Biology. Comprehensive and informative nanotechnology portal. Provides introduction to nanotechnology, general information, images, interviews, news, events, research, books, glossary and links. is a global nanotechnology portal including latest research articles, industry news, features, companies, events and links to other online resources. A portal for nanoscience and nanotechnology online resources for academics, industrialists and investors, as well as for laymen interested in nanotechnnology.

Web site about Nanotechnology: articles online, news, pictures, cv. Nanotechnology: articles online, news, pictures, cvs.

Nanotechnology Software, Data & Services: nanoTITAN offers Java libraries and applications, a nanodevice database, the nanoML specification, custom simulation and visualization to the nanotechnology and general scientific communities.

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