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Face and Body Professionals, Inc.
Products for medical and body modification fields including tattoo pigments, permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics, tattoo supplies, plus continuing education classes in permanent makeup, tattooing, piercing and laser cosmetic tattooing professionals. Education and resource group offering information on tattooing, permanent makeup, and body piercing. Product line includes: topical anesthetics, permanent makeup pigments, and supplies for the professional practitioner.

Haute Trends
Swarovski crystal body jewels with examples of use and wear, and a wide selection in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Huck Spaulding Enterprises
High quality tattoo supplies, tattoo equipment and body piercing kits by Huck Spaulding Enterprises, Inc. Everything you ever wanted or needed for tattooing is here. Offers a selection of equipment and supplies for both piercers and tattooists. Includes books, videos, machines, inks, professional tools, power supplies, medical supplies, tubes, tips, grips, needles, and accessories.

Ibiza Body Art
Tooth and body jewelry, black henna, bindis, and temporary tattoos.

Parent Company
The Home of Lethal Weapon Tattoo Supplies, Piercing Jewelry and Supplies and Anabolic Suppliments. Features a line of sterilized tattoo needles, disposable tubes, and other professional supplies. As well as a selection of body piercing jewelry and equipment.

Piercing Pros
Selection of instructional training videos featuring specific body areas.

Start Tattoo and Body Piercing
Fireworks Splice HTML. Selection of flash and jewelry as well as studios services availability and artist profiles and portfolios.

SteelBody Strength
Surgical grade stainless steel tools for professional piercers. Line includes pliers, forceps, ring openers, and tweezers.

Talon Tattoo Supply
Tattooing, piercing, and medical tools and supplies. Includes a selection of machines, power sources, grips, needles, inks, bottles, stencil equipment, and cleaners.

Tattoo City
Piercing and tattoo accessories and machines, as well as a jewelry selection including bead, coil, heart, and star rings, nostril screws, and specialty rings.

Technical Tattoo Supply and Manufacturing Corp.
Tattoo Supplies on the Web. Online storefront with an intuitive interface and a very cool look!. Variety of medical supplies, autoclaves, power supplies, needles, accessories, inks, cleaners, and flash racks.

The Human Canvas
Gallery offering prints of work done by makeup artist and stylist Joe Platia, Jr.

Unimax Supply Company
Everybody knows Wes Wood of Unimax. A legend in Tattoo Supplies, Piercing Supplies, Piercing Jewelry, Wholesale prices. Wide assortment of body modification and related merchandise including: tattoo machines and inks, flash, body paints, mehndi, piercing supplies and jewelry, books, and an artist listing.

Valle's Tattoo and Piercing
Professional tattoo, body piercing, exotic body jewelry, sterilized supplies, and tattoo machine. A wide variety of tattoo machine is offered. Accessories and supplies such as: needles, sterilization kits and equipment, forceps, tapers, and tattoo machines. Also offers a selection of piercing jewelry listed by material type. Studio services available.

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