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Alternative Lifestyles Forum
A place to discuss environmental issues, alternative community building, intentional communities, ecovillages, alternative education and parenting, alternative energy and sustainable resources.

Boycott City
Boycott City is a forum for people to share information about things they do not like in the world around them. The site allows individuals to create boycotts, join the boycotts of others, and thereby get their message out. Forum for people to share information about things they do not like in the world around them.

Civic Practices Network (CPN)
CPN shares a commitment to bring practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in America.

Dads and Daughters
Organization of men with daughters. Provides tools to build relationships. Current project confronts western culture's valuing girls only for superficial aspects such as body weight and appearance.

Ecovillage Network
Links together a highly diverse worldwide movement of autonomous ecovillages (environmentally and socially sustainable settlements) and related projects.

Flashmob links worldwide in Send your links from all over the world!. Worldwide links directory.

Human Rights - at The Mining Co.
The U.S. politics site is a clearing house for information on political issues and events, providing background on important issues such as tax legislation, foreign policy, abortion, electronic democracy, anti-terrorism legislation and prescription drug benefits. Stay on top of human rights efforts and issues worldwide. Link to campaigns, organizations, and learn what actions you can take.

Kindness Inc.
Random Acts of Kindness - Share your stories with others - Help spread kindness. Information about Dr. Chuck Wall and his organization to promote random acts of kindness.

Labour Behind The Label
Labour Behind the Label is a UK network of organisations supporting
garment workers' efforts to defend their rights and improve their wages and conditions.
Activities include awareness raising, campaigns and solidarity actions. A network of organisations supporting garment worker's efforts to defend rights and improve wages.

No Statusquo Websites
Articles and web links about political issues.

Opera Browser
Opera - The Fastest Browser on Earth. Multilingual, anti US duopoly product. English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Afrikaans, Italian and French versions.

Real Women of Canada
Canada's alternative women's movement.

Sustainable Settings
A demonstration and research project designed to focus community life around meaningful and environmentally sustainable practices.

The September Project
Join with neighbors on September 11 at your local library to share and discuss ideas about democracy, citizenship, and patriotism through public talks, roundtables, and performances.

Together Foundation
A place to foster communication between individuals, groups, corporations and governments working in service to the Earth and humanity.

Promotes action on waste reduction, reuse and recycling throughoutt the UK.

Who Will Love America?
Web book about how to be a responsible citizen. Contains 100 actions that, when done by each of us on a day-to-day basis and when the situations arise, keep America strong and thus free.

Womens Environmental Network
WEN is an organisation which links women and the environment and is especially concerned with issues concerning women's health and reproductive systems.

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