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A SEED Europe
Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development, a global organization linking youth groups and individuals. Information on campaigns, action reports, news, agenda and publications for ordering or download.

Al-Awda: The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
Palestine Right to Return Coalition- a democratic global network whose mission is to educate the international community to fulfill its legal and moral obligations vis-a-vis Palestinian refugees. Global activist network for Palestinian refugees. Crisis chronology, media, regional events, petitions, famous quotes. E-group with regional sub-groups.

Biotic Baking Brigade
Biotic Baking Brigade: Speaking Pie to Power. Group which throws pies as a form of protest against neoliberal economics and environmental degradation. Provides photo gallery and multimedia, local links, BBB news releases, and background information.

Co-op America
Co-op America: green, environmentally, socially responsible, consumer products, investments, services, and business. Creating an ecological, sustainable, progressive, democratic and healthy society. Free resources include: The Green Pages online, WoodWise consumer guide, financial planning handbook, mutual fund performance and screens, boycott news, and action campaigns to end sweatshops and child labor. Many links to: Social Investment Forum, Online Guide to Socially Responsible Investing (SRI). Contains information on boycott campaigns, sweatshop activism, public service, barter and LETSystems to regenerate local economies in the service of local needs.

Essential Information
A non-profit organization founded in 1982 by Ralph Nader which encourages citizens to become active and engaged in their communities. Site links to opinion articles on current issues.

Free Republic
Online message boards for independent, grass-roots conservatives to share strategies and activist resources, and discuss issues of the day.

An organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values, organized by issue. Provides e-mail forms, news alert service, online petitions, and related links.

Humanist Movement
An international organization working toward the total transformation of individuals, as well as society, on many levels including political, cultural and economic. Provides news about current activities of this movement around the world and email lists.

International Action Center
Coordinates activism and information opposing domestic and international injustices. Founded by Ramsey Clark.

League of the NewJust
Concerned about growing environmental harm, the increasing power of transnational corporations and other matters which affect the quality of life on Earth. "The chains of capitalism and the quest for profit obscures the path leading to true happiness and self-actualisation. In ignorant denial, capitalists fail to acknowledge the inherent unsustainability of their system as well as its intrinsic wrongdoing, crime against, not only humanity, but against a larger purpose, against mother Gaia and the great interrelated systems of the Universe."

National Conference for Community and Justice, New Jersey Region
Promotes understanding and respect among races, religions, cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, education in schools, homes, houses of worship; NCCJ-NJ. Promotes understanding and respect among races, religions, cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution, and education in schools, homes, houses of worship. Contains press releases, upcoming events, contact details, and membership and volunteer information.

Oregon Peaceworks
Group educating and activating people to work for peace, justice and environmental protection.
Left-wing activist blog, fact sheets, flyers, links, and other resources.

Reverend Billy
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. Advocacy group led by comic preacher. Opposes chain stores and malls that hurt neighborhoods.
A political portal designed to give you the information and activism tools needed to 'SpeakOut' on political and social issues, elections, political parties, the government, and democracy. For engaged citizens to get informed, get involved and make a difference around causes they care about, such as politics, education, family, the world, society, health, environment, and the economy.

The Earthville Network
Welcome to The Earthville Network! Building community to heal our world, face to face and place to place. A global community of organizations and individuals working toward systemic, sustainable solutions for the challenges of our local and global communities.

The Quixote Center for faith-based social justice
Welcome to the Quixote Center. Working for social justice in Nicaragua and Haiti, equality in the Catholic Church, and an end to the death penalty.

The Space Hijackers
A London-based group of Anarchitects - battling to rid the streets of the oppressive forces of Architects, Urban Planners and other nasties.

World Voices
The initiative of young people passionate about exploring and demonstrating ideas, alternatives and solutions to replace our redundant forms of progress, wealth and power.

ZeroZero Magazine
ZeroZero Magazine : Anarchic news and information...the mashed world of ZZ awaits you!. Promoting a harm reduction drugs policy and international activist campaigns. Many documents online and frequently updated news sections.

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