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Animal Rights Concerns
Tackling animal rights issues and encouraging a vegan lifestyle.Offers resources with animal rights and vegan topics.

Center For Creative Learning
The Center for Creative Learning is a poorly-defined amorphous entity having as its only concrete facet this here Web Site. We publish pages for non-profits, artists, and other social threats. Publishes pages for nonprofit organizations, artists, and other "social threats.".

Empowerment Resources offers Tools for Personal Growth, Social Change, and Ecology, including over 600 links, over 500 books at, and green goods and shop bots and other tools to find the lowest prices on the Internet at Knowledge is power. Empower the people. Contains tools for personal growth, social change, and ecology. Over 700 links and over 420 recommended empowerment resource books for sale.

Free Speech Internet Television
You can make a video about your alternative viewpoint, and these kind folks will provide a web server for it, or you can watch other people's videos. This site is filled to the brim with cool stuff!

International Website Against Fascism and Racism
Portal and news site for antifascist and antiracist people and groups. Also a free hosting service for such groups.

National People's Action
Direct action community organizing for neighborhoods across the US.

Organizers' Collaborative
A nonprofit group harnessing the collaborative potential of the Internet and working to making computers accessible as a tool in support of community-based, social change organizing.

Peace and Environment Resource Centre
Peace and Environment Resource Centre's welcome page. Educates and empowers the public on peace, environment and social justice issues; supports groups, online library search of books and magazines, lots of links, discussion forum, some publications.

Political Junkie
Huge page full of links, and regularly updated news.

PR Media Consultants
Do you believe the facts speak for themselves? Sorry. Public interest advocates, environmental and sustainable agriculture groups, and Native Americans need inside information on how media REALLY work. Since they can't afford the seven-figure salaries reaped by corporate media consultants, pro-public viewpoints are often under-represented. PR Media Consultants help you balance the scales!. Offers training and consultancy for public-interest groups on how the media really work and how to maximise exposure in the media.

Public Info Research Namebase
A database of articles on various political and paranormal subjects with information about their authors.

Social Criticism Review
Selected readings on modern society and its ills. Focus on alienation between man, nature and a dysfunctional scientific-technical complex. Forum for ideas that go against the current. Selected readings on modern society and its ills. Focus on alienation between man, nature, and a dysfunctional scientific/technical complex.

Latest software Free software Latest technology Free tools. Encourages and enables foundations, advocacy groups, and leading activists to use technology to achieve their goals, to increase participation from interested constituencies, and achieve change more quickly than by traditional organizing and advocacy methods alone.

The Earthwatcher's Cryptodesk
Links to tools and resources for news gathering, research, homework, activism and the alternative cyber-underground.

The Worl Revolution
An idea for a new, global grassroots social movement for progressive social change. It aims to resolve in a definitive and comprehensive manner the major social problems of our world and our era.

WTO Watch Org
The global information center on the WTO, trade, and sustainable development.

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