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C4I.org - Computer Security & Intelligence
C4I.org is a private open-source intelligence clearinghouse covering information security, information operations, and information risk management based in Golf, Illinois. Our analysts have a backround in Risk Assessment, Intelligence, Information Strategy, C4I, EW, Electronic Commerce, Defensive Information Warfare, Peacekeeping, Hacking, Counter-Intelligence, Journalism, Surveillance, Counter-Terrorism, Cryptography, Information Warfare, Information Assurance and Special Operations. News articles on internet crime.

Cyber Criminals Most Wanted
Internet Safety, Cybercrime Awareness, Prevention, and Safety including cyberterrorism, viruses, security, hoaxes, fraud, hackers, cyberstalking, identity theft, internet privacy, and more. Suitable for each and every family member and employee. Overview of cyber criminal activity that includes safety, security, viruses, scams, filtering, encryption, hackers and government legislation.

Cyber Forensics Ltd
Investigates computer crime, and supplies forensic investigation equipment and software.

Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice

Cybercrimes at the U. of Dayton School of Law
Dedicated to exploring the issues involved with crimes that are committed in cyberspace, usually those crimes that are committed with a computer, or against a computer. Information on various cybercrimes.

International Home of Computer Investigative Specialists
International group of former law enforcement members specializing in forensic computer science. Offer expertise and training in seizing computers and recovering lost data.

Internet Safety Awareness
Internet-Safety.org provides information to the public about various online safety issues, including crime prevention, fraud awareness, hacking, and the law. How to 'safely surf the net' tips.

Tech Law Journal
Tech Law Journal Home Page: news, documents, and analysis about legislation, regulation, and litigation affecting the computer and Internet industry. News articles concerning regulation, litigation, and crime related legislation on the Internet. Has links to summaries of current and past trials regarding computers, technology and crime.

Web Investigations and Security Agency (WIASA)
Web Investigations and Security Agency is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction,prevention and reporting of online crimes. An international organization of skilled volunteers dedicated to promoting safety and security online. Organizational structure, areas to submit news or suspicions of crimes, resources for the public, and awards and news about WIASA.

Web Police
Independent Internet crime reporting organization

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