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Blend America
A clothing line targeted specifically at multiracial individuals.

In search of the right products for your multi ethnic, naturally curly hair? Look no further Curls offers hair care products that are just right for you. Hair care products for multiracial/multiethnic naturally curly hair.

Eurasian CommUNITY
Online magazine and forum for Eurasians, Amerasians, Hawaiian Hapas, Blasians, Metisians, biracial and multiracial people worldwide
site provides a community and forum to discuss and share information on partial Asians and it hopes to show the diversity found in mixed people along with the breakdown of racial and ethnic lines. Features forum, articles, news, links and profiles of people of various mixed Asian ancestry.
Tammy Conard-Salvo's Hapa Stories site. Stories that explore hapa, half-Korean, and Asian-American culture and identity.

Mixed: Stories About Being Biracial or Multiracial in America
Wanted: Short stories addressing the experiences of biracial or multiracial people. Experienced editorial team is assembling an anthology of fiction for publication. Anthology of short stories (fiction only) in formation. Stories will focus on being biracial or multiracial in the United States.
The Site for Mixed People, By Mixed People. Where everything is geared toward the person with multiple racial backgrounds. Geared toward the person with multiple racial backgrounds. News, famous people, message boards, and resources. :: get in the mix. Online community celebrating the mixed-race, interracial relationships, interracial dating, and the multicultural make-up of our world. :: bringing together all races and ethnicites (mixed-race) to celebrate the beauty of diversity. Celebrate the mixed-race. mixed-race interracial biracial diversity. Online community that brings together people of all races and ethnicities to celebrate the beauty of diversity. Foccuses on interracial and multi/bi-racial relationships and individuals.

Real Hapas: The Hawaiian Hapas
Misinformation about the word Hapa has been spreading throughout California and throughout Cyber Space. It's time people met the Real Hapas. Features forum, articles, news, links and profiles of Hawaiian Hapas and criticism of mainland organizations and individuals using the term Hapa.

RiMel Greeting Cards
Offers alternative greeting card designs for multiracial individuals.

The Half Korean Page
The Half Korean Page. An online community and resource listing for multiracial individuals of partial Korean ancestry.

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