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Another World Is Possible
Dedicated to creating a new and better world through nonviolence, a world ruled by voluntary agreement, and not forcing in the name of ideology.

Bergonia, an imaginary country
An imaginary country, a political fantasy where democracy, socialism, environmentalism and the spirit combine to produce a good society. A fantasy that explores how a society with democratic, socialist, ecological and religious values might work.

Bridge to Change
Free download a trilogy of e-books, storytelling that aims to effect dramatic change via cultural analysis that rocks. Through storytelling, exposing underlying obstacles to change and drawing attention to the transformative powers put in our hands by a democratic political culture.

Crystalian Information Nexus
Contains links to various Clan, Circle, and Guild pages and contact information. Also includes updates, news and current events.

Let's Evolve: Creating an Egoless World
Describes project to create a future utopian society via educational workshops focussed on releasing the ego and expanding on the eight facets of personal power; requesting services of facilitator and publisher.

Questy's American Philosopher
Philosophy, utopia, eden, definitions of society, the Tao of Questy, By Questy aka Tom Peracchio. A philosophic journey exploring the possibilities of utopian thought and idealism.

Utopian States
Describes a United States governed by "political engineers," including functions of government, justice system, nudity, education, and cultivation of unique artisans.

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