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Almanach de Gotha
Publisher's information about the Almanach de Gotha publication (formerly often considered the most influential royal genealogical reference book ever produced). Re-launched in England 1998 following a break of fifty four years.

Burke's Peerage
Ancestral Research, Titles, Coats of Arms. Burke's Peerage for almost two hundred years has specialised in publishing books on ancestry, aristocracy, history, as well as many volumes on the aristocracy and Imperial and Royal families of the world. . Burke's Peerage specializes in publishing books on ancestry, aristocracy, history as well as many volumes on the aristocracy and imperial and royal families of the world.

European Royalty: Inherited Personality Traits
Personality theory based on Mendelian genetics is used to trace inherited traits in European Royalty and other famous families. Personality theory based on genetics is used to trace inherited character traits in European Royalty. The major traits are narcissism, perfectionism and aggression.
Royal genealogy index page. Family trees of many European royal and noble families compiled by Miroslav Marek.

Gotha International
héraldique, blasons, grandes familles d'Europe, terrains titrés - heraldry, coats-of-arms, great families of Europe, titled land. Commercial services and publications in France.
Collection of Coats of Arms and information on the Royal Family, Hereditary Peerage, and Hereditary Baronetage of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. A collection of coats of arms and information about the hereditary Peerage, Baronetage, and Royal Family of the United Kingdom. Contains searchable database of over 7,000 current, abeyant, and extinct titles.

RoyaList Online
Royal genealogy of Britain through 1,000 years of history, with features including biographical notes, kinship calculation and lines of descent. Searchable genealogy of the British royal family through 1,000 years of history.

Saudi Royal Family Database
Database of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.

The Ghiai-Chamlou Royal Tribe
History of one of Persia's oldest tribe. A dynasty of powerful landlords who have redefined themselves as a dynasty of master builders in the 21st century.

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