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Animated Map and Timeline of the U.S. region showing political border changes from prehistory to 2000 A.D. The map advances at 10 years per second. You can play, stop, move forward or backward one year at a time and select dates from the timeline. Animated Map and Timeline of the U.S. region showing political border changes from prehistory to 2000 A.D. Long download and Requires Flash 5.

Caronia (II) Time-Line Project
RMS Caronia II Timeline, Cunard's Green Goddess, showing where she was at any point in time. Charting the day to day position of Cunard's "Green Goddess" the world famous cruise liner RMS Caronia.
Timelines of history organized by category of events. Customizable. E-mail newsletters of timeline notifications, this day in history, and other topics available.

Din Timelines
A large, ordered world history timeline from the dawn of civilization, circa 5000 BC, to the mid 20th Century, used for online research and study. A large, ordered timeline of world history from ca. 5000 BC, to the 1920s.

History of the World
This site provides timelines and galleries of various civilizations from ancient times to modern times.

HistoryMole: History Through Timelines
History Through Timelines by Searchable historical themes and world events from the last two thousand years. A searchable database of historical world events and themed articles from the last two thousand years.

Marks in the Evolution of Western Thinking About Nature
History of science timeline for biology, chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, and philosophy of science.  This includes evolution, biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology, paleontology, neurology, psychology, cognition, astronomy, astrophysics, logic, computer simulation, linguistics, etc. A chronology from the 7th millenium BC to the present day, with brief explanations of events in the history of Western natural philosophy and science.

Physics Timeline (1896 to present)
American Physical Society site explores developments in physics along with their historical context.

The History of Computing Project
history of computing, computerhistory, history of computers. A detailed timeline on the history of computing including hardware, software, pioneers and references.

The Modern History Project
A user-edited database of timelines for significant persons, organizations and events. Graphical display with cross-reference, searching, and links to other sources.

Timeline Index
The Timeline Index : People, Events, Periods and Places in a chronological context: Arts, Science, Period, Politics, Region, People, Exploration, Health, Nature, Cultures, Domestic, Religion, Sports, Conflict, Education, Industry, Events. People, Events, Periods and Places in a chronological context.

Timelines of History
World History in timeline form from the Big Bang to the present. Also Today in History. This universal history site also contains individual country timelines, US state timelines, and various subject timelines.

Graphical timelines covering the range of World history.

World History from
From the formation of the earth to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

World War 2 Timeline
A complete World War 2 Timeline, detailing every event, day by day from 1939 through to 1945. (1939-1945) Detailing every wartime event, day by day.

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