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Hate your job? Then head over to Disgruntled: "There are some people who I am sure live to work. But except for those who lack the imagination to do something more than sit around, pick their noses and watch Ricki Lake in the absence of work, it's hard to believe that we don't have better things to do." - The Resignation Portal - The No.1 place for jobs and career advice. Resignation letters, resigning, quitting, get a new career/job with For all the working people of the world. Includes resignation letter templates, news, articles, salary and tax calculators, advice on legal matters, skills & training. If you're about to quit, you need to come here.

Sample Resignation Letters to Print
Bridal and wedding shower games to print, gifts, ideas, invitations. Resignation letter samples and templates for download immediately from site.

The UK National Work-Stress Network
An organisation that aims to educate and raise awareness of work-stress and to improve legislation on health, safety and employment rights in the UK and Europe.

Trouble At Work
How to deal with trouble at work. Help in health and safety, respect at work and legal rights. For nursing and working students. How to cope with work. Help in health and safety, respect at work and legal rights. Aimed at UK nursing and working students.

Trouble at Work
E-zine of job tips.

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