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Glia Society
Goals of Glia are to be a forum for the intelligent and encourage intelligence-related research. Seeks to be a forum for the intelligent and to encourage intelligence-related research.

High IQ for Humanity
Seeks to develop the skills of gifted children within their respective countries in the hope that they will stay to develop their homeland instead of migrating abroad. News, child profiles, project information, and sponsor list available.

This Society is a forum for intellectually highly gifted persons in the top 2 percent.It gives its members the chance to exchange their thoughts and feelings.It is intend to be a brainpool. A forum for the intellectually highly gifted. Members must have an IQ of at least 132 (M=100; SD=16).

International High IQ Society
This prestigious international society offers free professional IQ tests, challenging puzzles and brainteasers, and premium chess, backgammon, bridge, and go tournaments. Five professional free IQ tests to qualify for membership. Members enjoy access to chat rooms, discussion forums, regular online tournaments in chess, backgammon, contract bridge, and Go, as well as difficult puzzles and brainteasers, and the ability to submit works to the quarterly online IQ Magazine.

Intertel HiIQ Society. An organization of those with IQ scores in the 99th percentile (top 1% of the general population). The goals of the organization are to encourage meaningful intellectual fellowship, foster an exchange of ideas on any and all subjects, and to assist in research relating to high intelligence.

Mega Society
Society with an entrance requirement at the one in a million level, it's purpose is to provide members with forums and outlets for their ideas.

Ne Plus Ultra
,,,,Mambo - the dynamic portal engine and content management system. An intellectually oriented club that seeks to gather exceptionally insightful people to discuss ideas across a variety of domains.

Pars Society
The +5 Sigma High IQ Society. Seeks to provide a peaceful, intellectual and private forum for its members. Proof of intelligence level at or above +2.5 standard deviations is required for membership.

Prometheus Society
Educational, scientific, and research group for those with extreme intelligence.

The Cerebrals Society
An International Society for persons having IQ above 144 sd16 exclusively on psychometricaly valid and widely accepted intelligence tests. A society for those whose IQ falls at or above the 99.7th percentile (top 0.3% of the general population). Members interact via discussion forums and an online journal. IQ tests are available on this site.

The Intellect-Fellowship
A fellowship for intellectuals in the top 10% of society. The fellowship encourages creativity of members, publication of their works and thoughts, engagement in the functioning of the group and participation in one or more areas related to the fellowship.

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