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Circle Speak
Information about a crop circle documentary being made by a US independent production company.

Cosmic Reflections
An art exhibition of deep space and crop circles.

Crop Circle Archive
Has a great interactive archive of crop circle formations. Also includes articles.

Crop Circle Art
Digital Artwork based on Crop Circles by Gary Geisler

Crop Circle Books
Steve Canada's collection of crop circle. New crop Circle books added annually, UFO and other things of this nature explained. working theories. Steve Canada's collection of books on the topic. Several selections to choose from covering UFOs and other things of this nature as well as working theories. Also lecture and interview information.

Crop Circle Cereal
Marketing Plan for proposed crop circle breakfast cereal.

Crop Circle Connector
Resources and related information including an International crop circle database.

Crop Circle News
The source and meaning of Crop Circles remains a mystery. Perhaps they have to do with UFO's, perhaps they are a paranormal phenomenon, or a government conspiracy. Maybe they are a message from Mother Earth or a lesson in sacred geometry. We invite you to join us in the forum, browse the picture galleries and read the articles. A new crop circle portal with forums, galleries and articles.

Crop Circle Nirvana
This site takes a refreshingly irreverent look at the crop circle phenomenon.

Crop Circle Quest
Crop circle formations in Western Canada that I have personally visited. Photos and reports by Judy Arndt. Crop formations in Western Canada reported by Judy Arndt. Just a few circles but the reports are excellent with lots of pictures and diagrams.

Crop Circle Tours and Research
Educational Tours to Sacred Sites, Crop Circles in Southern England every July. Remote Viewing and Circles Tours, Advances Circles Research Programs. Stonehenge, Avebury, Merlin's Barrow, Rollright, Wayland Smithey, Crop Circles 10th year of tours, first and best.

Crop Circles Deciphered
Crop circles can be deciphered using Biblical history and parables. Crop circle symbols can be easily interpreted using Biblical symbols, the book of Revelation in particular. A few chapters of the book are free on the web site.

Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies
Scientific and metaphysical research to the crop circle phenomenon.

Dutch Crop Circle Archive
Complete archive of formations dating back to 1590. Articles and other resources. Both Dutch and English.

German Association for Crop Circle Research
Crop circles from Germany. Most articles have an English translation.

Glastonbury Symposium - crop circles and signs of our time
Glastonbury Symposium: Crop Circles and Signs of our Times. Forefront conference on crop formations and their significance, in Glastonbury, England. Leading annual conference on crop formations and related issues, in Glastonbury, SW England, July/August.

Institute for Resonance
Our site is dedicated to study of subtle-energy research including crop circles, resonant viewing, and extraterrestrial phenomena.

Invisible Circle
Kornkreise: invisible(circle - unabhaengige gemeinschaft zur erforschung des kornkreisphaenomens. An independent community for the exploration of the crop circle phenomenon based in Germany.

Italian Crop Circle site
Il primo sito italiano nato dopo otto anni di studio e ricerca sul fenomeno dei Cerhi nel Grano, documenti,testimonianze,report esclusivi e immagini. Lots of information about the crop circle phenomenon and related topics. All text is in Italian.

Janosh Art
Crop circles related art work.

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