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Cersan Mystical Organization
Mystical Site,Spiritual,with Mystical Prayers,Miracle Photos,Proof Survival After Death,Miracle Pictures,NDE,OBE, Paranormal. Spiritualism with information, prayers, photos, and miracles.

Daily News
Daily news in topics ranging from the paranormal to politics.

Electronic Voice Phenomena Belgium
Research in electronic voice phenomena, and recording voices of the dead.

Fort Rade Paranormal Researches
The first Swiss interactive website dedicated to paranormal events, x-creatures, UFO, alien, ghost, parapsychology, and unknown phenomena etc. with galleries and forum. Interactive website dedicated to paranormal events, x-creatures, UFO, ghosts, parapsychology, and unknown phenomena.

Light's Path
Professional psychic, mediumship, mystic and metaphysical training, seminars, media production.

Paranormal News Your source for ufo and paranormal related information. Search thousands of paranormal images, or browse our large new and used book collection at News, articles, and documents of the paranormal. Gathered and updated daily.

Paranormal Stories
Paranormal stories!. Paranormal stories and news.

Real Unsolved Mysteries
Thousands of real unsolved mysteries submitted by real people around the world. Read, add and comment about these stories.

Share Berlin
Was bringt die Zukunft in Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Kultur. Supernatural lights or physical phenomena?.

A look at the strange around us. News, articles and Links.

The 'X' Zone Radio Show
The 'X' Zone Radio Show with Rob McConnell. Canada's Paranormal Radio Show hosted by Rob McConnell is a place where people dare to believe and dare to be heard on Newstalk 610 CKTB.

The Anomalies Network
The worlds largest online UFO and PARANORMAL community! We have a HUGE archive of ufo / ghost videos, and information as well as Forums, BBS's, Chat rooms and IRC. UFO and Paranormal archive. Over 30,000 files, videos, and pictures. Also chat rooms, message boards and free webspace for UFO and paranormal related sites.

Unexplained Mysteries
A To Z Of The Unexplained, Paranormal Phenomena, Discussion Forum, Sightings Database, Search Engine and all the latest news on everything unexplained. A comprehensive resource on the world's greatest mysteries. Includes daily news headlines, an index of the unexplained, search engine, discussion forum, and photographs.

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