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Aquarian Age Information Central with V J Enterprises
V J Enterprises is a Spiritual or New Age websitecreated and maintained by Joshua and Vera Shapiro since 1995. Its goal is to share with others key information related to a transformation our world will see by the year 2013. Covered are such subjects as UFOs (including Stanton Friedman and Roswell), crystal skulls, the New Age and Peru. We are dedicated to provide information to awaken consciousness. Contains information that describes the transformation of our world into a Golden Age by 2013. Includes extensive information on UFOs, crystal skulls, New Age, networking and Peru. Sponsored by V J Enterprises.

Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization
Dedicated to the scientific research of all sorts of paranormal phenomena in the Great Lakes Area, with a focus on the West Michigan area.

International Society For Paranormal Research
Parapsychologist Dr. Larry Montz and leading televised team of experts; investigate ghosts, hauntings, psychics. LA Ghost Expeditions for beginning education in parapsychology.

Majestic Twelve
This is the "official" home page of the super-secret Majestic Twelve organization (aka "MJ-12").

Merseyside Anomalies Research Association
MARA investigate UFOs, alien sightings, ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, psychic phenomena, ESP, remote viewing, earth mysteries, Forteana and antigravity in the Merseyside and North West area of England. M.A.R.A. investigates UFOs, alien sightings, ghosts, poltergeists, apparitions, psychic phenomena, ESP, remote viewing, earth mysteries, Forteana and anti-gravity in the Merseyside and North West areas of England.

Multidimensional Exploration Organization
A general overview of various psychic and paranormal phenomena.

Northwest Alabama Paranormal Research Org.
NWAPRO takes a look at paranormal events, unexplained events, ghost sightings, ghost stories, paranormal stories, ufo sightings, and paranormal research.

Paranormal Research Organization
Supporting the serious and knowledgeable paranormal field researchers and investigators, while providing educational resources for the snowballing number of well-meaning, but sometimes misguided enthusiasts. Founded by nationally recognized paranormal expert Loyd Auerbach.

ParaScience Paranormal Investigations
Paranormal Science ( conducts serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena. Para.Science was established to conduct serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena. Based on the Wirral, in North West England.

Shadow Research, Inc.
Entry page for the Shadow Research website. Unusual event research. UFO's and other unusual events researched and investigated.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society
TAPS is a non-profit organization, based in New England, that is dedicated to helping and educating those interested or troubled by the paranormal. TAPS is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and helping those interested in or troubled by the paranormal. Includes a newsletter, news and articles.

The Enigma Group
The Enigma Group, under the direction of Zachary James Miller, provides Paranormal Investigation, Research, Counseling and Consulting. We do Lectures, Tours and Expeditions to mysterious sites and document our explorations for television. Paranormal investigation, counseling and expeditions. Offers information, news and services offered.

The International Survivalist Society
Survival after death, parapsychology, psychical research, psi research, latest news and events, articles, books, photographs and biographies. Disseminating the scientific proof of survival after death on a global level.

The Scottish Society for Psychical Research
Lectures and investigations into the paranormal in Scotland.

The Temples of Wisdom
A place for spiritual counseling in the afterlife during the process of reincarnation.

United States UFO Information and Research Center
A privately funded organization founded in 1994 investigating the paranormal including UFOs, Bigfoot, Ghosts and Haunted Places, offers a membership, and hosts The ARC -Alternate Realities Conference.

Weird Wisconsin
This site is devoted to Weird Wisconsin phenomena, from ghosts to werewolves to UFOs to vampires. Research center devoted to Weird Wisconsin phenomena, from bigfoot to vampires to werewolves to ghosts to ghouls and other assorted dread nasties.

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