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A Witness to Yahweh
Testimony of UFOs (angels), newspaper gifs, real and windows media animations, Bible analysis and .

Apocalyptic Dreams, Dualism and Immortality
Immortality lies in paradise, just outside our dualistic world. Buddha and Jesus are teaching the destruction of dualism. A dream revealed the exact time of the end of the world the return of Jesus Christ. Prophetic dream revealing the exact time of the end of the world and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

ARE: Association for Research and Enlightenment
A.R.E. Official World Headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, considered America's most documented psychic. A.R.E. was founded 1931, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Organization founded by Edgar Cayce, the world's best documented psychic.

Countdown to the Third World War
This site analyzes the Prophecies of Nostradamus and the sequence of events leading to World War III with reference to similar prophecies made by other prophets and in various religious texts. The site includes a downloadable ebook containing the complete prophecies of Nostradamus, a message board for discussing related topics and current events, maps on troop movements during WW-III and the first-ever translation of the Hindu prophecy - Kalki Purana on the web. Prophecies of World War-III by Nostradamus and others : Analyzes the prophecies of Nostradmus with reference to various other prophecies in an attempt to find out how and when WW-III will take place and what exactly will be the sequence of the events.

Earthchanges (Matrix Institute)
Gordon-Michael Scallion's Earth Changes Report Online. Each month over 500,000 people visit this site.

Evaluation of European prophecies
This site shows some results of a very detailed evaluation of European prophecies. Main aspects have importance for the whole globe.

Final Book of Daniel
Daniel Prophet Author Book and Messenger of Light, Final Book of Daniel. Ancient angel awakens; true account and gospel of a resurrected, reincarnated, angelified Biblical prophet.

George Dreams
This is a psychic dream page that covers several topics such as:, psychic dreams, prophetic sayings, prophetic dreams, life after death, UFO, earth changes, earth change maps, dowsing, scrying, native american sun dance, and my visions about Zecharia Sitchin's books. Prophetic dream page that covers several topics.

Jakob Lorber
Christian Mystic & Scribe who recorded 10,000+ pages plus of material narrowed to him be Christ through his heart region.

Journal of Prophecies of Native Peoples Worldwide
NATIVE AMERICAN prophecy, art, tribes, history, music, religion, myth, legend, lore, spirituality, and much more... Native prophecy site sponsored by Native Americans.

Maggie Ramsay, a Scottish witch
The tale of Maggie Ramsay, the witch o' the Auld NorthBurn

News, information, and consumer protection for spiritual seekers all over the world who are seeking to unravel the fundamental mysteries of life. Explores themes like Y2K, and economic collapse, and a diversity of subjects of the world todayand also what do to about them.

Prophecies - A Psychic Prediction Registry
Sharing predictions, premonitions and prophecy with the world. View and share predictions of the future.

Revelation Is Not Sealed!
The striking similarity in appearance of the total solar eclipse to an 'Eye of God' is a 'Sign in the Heavens' symbolizing God's divine omniscience. Robin Edgar's web site revealing that the so-called "Eye of God" manifested during total solar eclipses is a bona fide "Sign in the Heavens" symbolizing God's divine omniscience.

Sollog .com - The Prophecies of Sollog - Sollog has authored over 30 Books - Sollog predicted exact information about 911 - 10 Major Quakes - The Shuttle Disaster - The Oklahoma City Bombing - Locaations of School Shootings - Clinton's Impeachment - Deaths of Diana and JFK Jr and More!. Sollog's claims to fame are accurate prophecies about TWA 800 and Princess Diana's death. He also translates Nostradamus.

The Second Coming Integral Mission
The Second Coming Mission works to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God on earth. It reveals the ultimate Truth about God, Creation and the human being as its micro-model. Introduction to an amazing spiritual journey to the reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. On this journey we meet the Second Coming of the Divine Masters and are led by them to complete self-realization.

The Spirit Of Truth Page
The meaning of Bible prophecy according to the Spirit Of Truth.

The Zeph Report
Gives prophecies and Predictions of the state of the world and future.

Understanding Astrology Zodiac Signs
Learn about characteristics and lifestyles of the 12 astrology signs. Find out about yourself and others and make sense of the world around you by understanding the zodiac signs. Free astrology signs information that is easy to understand and use in your everyday life.

Visions and Voices
Psychic under hypnosis receives Biblical prophesies on end times, future of earth, current events, earthchanges, pestilence, new birth, and economic turmoil.

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