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Alien Enigma
Offers exchange between people who have UFO experience. Includes, how to tell if you are an abductee, personal accounts, pictures and links.
Award winning UFOs / UFO website with UFO photographs, Roswell, Area51, alien abductions, crop circles, conspiracy theories, UFO links and a UFO forum. See UFO photographs and find information on Area 51, Roswell, crop circles, alien abductions and conspiracy theories.
UK UFO resource running petition to uncover facts regarding UFO's and alien visitation.

Aliens the Truth
Your complete online resource location for anything from Area 51 to the paranormal. UFO resource site.

The powerful shopping cart software for web stores and e-commerce enabled webstores is based on PHP / PHP4 with SQL database (MySQL, PostGres) with highly configurable implementation base on templates. Offers news on UFOs and space, MP3 music, intergalactic downloads, e-mail, chat, and Web search.

Cosmic Conspiracies
Over 100 pages on UFOs.

Extra-Terrestrial Contact
UFO Evidence is one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon, with over 1,700 articles, documents and resources. A scientific overview of the UFO phenomenon.

General Protocol (for) Human/Alien Contact
This is a general, formalized protocol containing: vital assessments for all future Human/Alien encounters. Printed manual version available.

Interseti (formerly Euroseti) can now publish the complete set of UFO images taken from the SOHO Satellite,

Path to the Source
This site is devoted to extra-terrestrial contact experiences, associated paranormal experiences, missing time and extra-terrestrail philosophy. In addition it . The purpose of this site is to present extra-terrestrial contact experiences, e.t. philosophy, missing time and para-normal experiences.

Presidents UFO Website
Sichern Sie sich eine kostenlose Homepage-Vorlage und sichern Sie sich viele weitere kostenlose Features rund um das Thema Homepage-Vorlagen!. A historic review of the handling of the UFO problem by the past United States Presidents.

The Black Vault
Large UFO site, with features including scanned pages of official government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, court documents, information on viewing UFO's, and a discussion board.

The Other Sky
The Other Sky Home Page alien encounters with extraterrestrials and UFOS plus Alien Abduction Encounters. David E. Caywood & Landi B. Mellas include Aduction Art & Spirituality. A wide variety of UFO topics are covered, including literary and artistic.

The Project At Earth
The organization of Earth's 218 visiting worlds is working toward a diplomatic relationship with our world. Learn about the true nature of universal life, including our own. The Project At Earth is the organization of all of Earth's Visiting Life.

The Superluminal Movement and Natural Mysteries
Tachyon has strange specialties, interacts scarcely with ordinary matter, but plays important part in life phenomena. Dark matter and the essence of matter and fields is also discussed.

The W-Files
This site documents weird paranormal activity such as UFO sightings, ghosts and bigfoot in the state of Wisconsin. Documents UFO sightings and abductions in the state of Wisconsin. Also covers a variety of other paranormal incidents.

Think About It
A place to think.

UFO Area
Offers information about UFOs, ancient astronauts, crashes and sightings, flying triangles, and Puerto Rico.

UFO Emporium
The UFO Emporium has the latest features of the UFO Phenomenon along with regularly updated UFO News and Important Information. Topics range from Aliens, UFOs, Ancient Mysteries, Abductions, Planet X, Nibiru, Disclosure Project and more. Contains information and news on the UFO Phenomenon, with main features, updated news/links, message forum, and famous quotes.

UFO Evidence
UFO Evidence is one of the Internet's largest sources of quality research and information on the UFO phenomenon, with over 1,700 articles, documents and resources. In-depth, quality and scientific research on the UFO phenomenon.

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