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Elenari Net
A Nexus of Elenari on the Web. Articles, history, and community for Elenari on the web.

House Of Nephilim
Eclectic gathering of various otherkin. Includes articles, IRC channels and a mailing list.
Emails lists, comprehensive FAQ on who and what being Otherkin means, links to other resources, poetry, stories, and introduction, with a special emphasis on Otherkin Multiples and Hosting.

KinVention North
A celebration of the vernal equinox, held annually in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, by and for the Otherkin.

Articles, thoughts and rants from a Vampiric Fae perspective.
Other-haven is a community for kin of all kinds, featuring a forum, IRC chat, and FAQs.

Realmscape: A Spiritual Resource
Information on various spiritual and esoteric topics, but mainly on Otherkin.

Spiritkin : Interactive online community for Otherkin, Therianthropes and the Study of Magick, Psionics, Spiritualities and more. Site offers free forums, IRC chat and interactive article upload. Deals with Otherkin, Therianthropy, Occult, Spirituality, and Vampires. Interactive forum, chat and article upload. All with an open mind are welcome here to learn and share their knowledge.

The Otherkin
This site deals with Otherkin, including Vampires, Vampyres, Fae, Angelic, Weres and Witches, just too name a few. It deals with Real Otherkin and has nothing to do with the Rpg world. Personal reflections on a variety of Otherkin.

Yet Another Otherkin Site
Describes being Otherkin from a personal perspective. Includes reference to KinSouth, a yearly Otherkin gathering in Florida.

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