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Ethics and Emotions philosophy of emotions portal with 150+ relevant links. Links to articles and bibliographies, most scholarly.

Ethics: Honesty and Fairness, An Apple-Pie Primer of Ethics
An informal, conversational piece about the basics of everyday ethics: argues that dishonesty punishes everyone in a society.

Institute for Global Ethics
an independent, nonprofit, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting awareness and discussion of global ethics. A non-sectarian, non-partisan organization dedicated to elevating public awareness and discourse on ethics in a global context. Site includes pages on education, public policy, corporations, and foundation ethics and training.

Peter Singer Links
Peter Singer: applied utilitarianism. Categorized list of links related to Australian philosopher Peter Singer, in six languages: letters, articles by him and about him, book reviews, and interviews. - Ethics Updates
Designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics. Moral Theory and Applied Ethics: Ethical Relativism, Bioethics, Euthanasia, Religion, Gender Equality, Racial Equality, Sexual Orientation, Poverty, World Hunger, Virtue Ethics, Animal Rights, Environmental Ethics and Military Ethics.

The Center for Life Principles
The Center for Life Principles teaches a pro-life philosophy that promotes a culture of life. We use the Four Levels of Happiness model. A pro-life philosophy aimed at helping our culture overcome the destructive reality of abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.

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