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Association for Liberty, Philosophy, And Society
Independent philosophical society, formed to promote philosophical discussion and research on the importance of personal liberty.

Australasian Association for Process Thought
Promotes the study of the process-relational thought of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.

Blackheath Philosophy Forum
Regular public discussion forums on a wide range of philosophical topics including metaphysics, epistemology, moral and political philosophy.

Canadian Philosophical Association (CPA)
Professional society for teachers and students of philosophy in Canada. The CPA Bulletin, the journal Dialogue, and online forums to facilitate communication among philosophers.

Center for Philosophical Education
Philosophy, education, philosophical conferences & foundations, educational info. Public conferences, publishers of STOA, sponsors colloquia on vital social subjects & organizes philosophy workshops. Philosophy education, annual international philosophical conferences, foundations, and educational workshops at Santa Barbara City College.

Center for the Study of the Great Ideas
Founded by Mortimer Adler and Max Weismann. Dedicated to the proposition that "Philosophy is everybody's business."

Dallas Philosopher's Forum
The Dallas Philosopher's Forum is a lecture series, located in the Dallas (Texas) Metroplex, dedicated to bringing philosophy to an interested and educated audience.

Hun School Philosophy Club
The Hun School Philosophy Club: A bubbling stewpot of intellectualism. Philosophy discussion group at a secondary school in Princeton, New Jersey. Background, upcoming topics, and selected links.

Institute of Practical Philosophy
A site dedicated to ethics, moral philosophy, short fiction and links to other philosophical sites. Promotes an interdisciplinary educational approach, employing philosophical reasoning and philosophical theories, to the resolution of complex social problems.

New Acropolis Cultural Association
A nonprofit educational organization that offers seminars, classes, books and magazines on philosophy, metaphysics, the classics, mythology and ancient civilizations.

Overlook Institute for Ecstatic Naturalism
The Overlook Institute is devoted to exploring the cultural implications of ecstatic naturalism, a philosophical perspective emergent from pragmaticism, semiotics, and depth-psychology.

Philosophical Society
Reality. Meaning of Life. Wisdom. Words of Wisdom. Faith, hope, truth. Offers short essays on various social and philosophical subjects. Includes a reference library and 'Bon Mot' selection of quotes.

Philosophy For All
PFA is a London-based association open to everyone interested in philosophy. We offer lectures, debates, workshops and philosophical walks. London-based group which aims to bridge the gap between academic philosophers and the general public. Hosts public lectures, debates, philosophical walks, film evenings and the monthly Kant's Cave talks.

REALIA: Philosophy in Service to Humanity
Realia publishes the philosophy journal Contemporary Philosophy and hosts annual conferences to solve problems of humanity. Realia is a non-profit organization, publishing the journal "Contemporary Philosophy" and sponsoring annual conferences, with the mission of contributing viable solutions to contemporary concerns.

Self-Discovery Portal
Portal to the Philosophical Self-Inquiry Group of Pittsburgh, the TAT Forum, Ch'an masters of ancient China, Hubert Benoit's psychological studies in Zen thought, Greatest western teachers of modern times, and other sites related to maximum systems of self-realization. Multi-site portal to Philosophical Self-Inquiry Discussion Group and information on systems of maximum self-realization including Advaita Vedanta, the Albigen System, Ch'an, Taoism and Zen.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry
Dedicated to dusting off and resuscitating philosophical inquiry, wresting philosophy from the confines of academia and giving it back to the people.

The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA)
- Coming soon. where you can host, register, transfer, and push domain names, and make them useful. An academic organization aiming to promote the philosophical activities of Chinese philosophers in America and to facilitate exchanges among philosophers in China, America and other countries.

The Biosophical Institute
Promotes Biosophy, the science and art of intelligent living based on the awareness and practice of spiritual values, ethical-social principles and character qualities essential to individual freedom and social harmony.

The Philosophical Society of England
Chartered "to promote the study of practical philosophy among the general public", unconfined to the university system.

The Portcullis Institute
The Portcullis Institute supports projects and initiatives seeking underlying self-organizing factor(s) that could prove to be at the heart of societal issues.

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