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24th International Hegel Society Conference
Held in Jena, Germany, covering issues raised by Hegel's 1802 "Faith and Knowledge." Features organizational and contact information, background. In multiple languages.

A Dedication to Spinoza's Insights
Joseph B. Yesselman's tribute to Spinoza as an intellectual source of human joy, love, and peace of mind. Includes links to online Spinoza texts and bibliography.

AbdulKarim Soroush
Official site of a pre-eminent scholar of Islamic thought and Iran's most influential liberal Islamic thinker. Site in English and Persian. His lectures and articles on Types of Religiosity, Islam and Democracy, etc.

Alain Leroy Locke Society
Organized to promote the work of this philosopher and educator. Events, links, general information.

Amos Bronson Alcott Network
Site dedicated to this philosopher, his works and teachings. Includes online texts and biographies.

Aurangzeb's David Chalmers Website
Tribute site dedicated to this philosopher. Includes pictures, annotated links and background information.

Australasian Association for Process Thought
A society dedicated to the tradition begun by Whitehead and Hartshorne. Includes conference notices, discussion papers and some biographical information.

Benedict de Spinoza and Spinozism
Portal devoted to the Dutch philosopher. Includes numerous links to texts, studies, and bibliographies.

Berdyaev (Berdiaev) Online Library
Translated materials with a list of articles by, and about, Berdyaev.

Bremer, Manuel
Lecturer, University of D??sseldorf - Logic, cognitive science, philosophy of religion.

Catholic Philosophy
Presents Zubiri's trilogy The Theological Problem of Man in English translation. This includes "Man and God", "The Philosophical Problem of the History of Religions", and "Christianity."
An introduction to Confucius, his philosophy and the tradition of Confucianism in China and East Asia, both for beginners and experts.

Corliss Lamont Website
Resource page featuring a short biography and numerous downloads, including full text of The Philosophy of Humanism.

Cornelius Castoriadis/Agora International
Includes a brief biography, bibliography, news, and links to multilingual writings by and about the philosopher.

Could Kant Have Been a Utilitarian?
Provocative extract from the book Sorting Out Ethics by R. M. Hare.

D. Anthony Storm's Commentary On Kierkegaard
A commentary on the writings and writing method of Kierkegaard, with images, biography, and an introduction to his thought.

David Hume Links
A multilingual directory of links relating to the philosopher.

Derrida the Movie
Official site for this documentary film on the philosopher. News, biographical information, background, press clips, purchasing information.

Emile Durkheim
Detailed biography, bibliography and other information on this sociological thinker.
Includes a collection of electronic texts, photographs, and links.

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