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Alliance for Better Campaigns
A public interest group that seeks to improve elections by promoting campaigns in which the most useful information reaches the greatest number of citizens in the most engaging way.

Campaign Web Review
Seeks to highlight the ways candidates and campaigns used the Internet in 1998 and provides perspective on the positive and negative impacts that this powerful medium is having on the electoral process.

Center for Digital Government
A national research and advisory institute providing government and industry leaders with research and educational resources to help them transform public organizations through digital technologies.

Center for Technology in Government
Works with government to develop information strategies that foster innovation and enhance the quality and coordination of public services.

Synopsis and links to various electronic forums concerning substantial political issues. Archives of past topics of discussion.

DEMOS (Delphi Mediation Online System)
web-based platform enabling fruitful and constructive debate between citizens and politicians with the intention of facilitating and encouraging "online-democracy".

E-The People
Online petitions regarding a wide variety of subjects are available for online signature. Also, for constituent letters, the site includes a search function that identifies issue-relevant public officials.

Mindshare Internet Campaigns, L.L.C.
Mindshare Internet Campaigns, LLC develops and implements online campaign strategies to help our clients use the Internet to organize, educate, and engage citizens towards meaningful off line action.

Minnesota E-Democracy
A nonpartisan citizen-based project, whose mission is to improve participation in democracy in Minnesota through the use of information networks.

Non-Partisan Federal Candidate Campaign Money Page.
This website re-organizes Federal Election Commission data into useful forms enabling viewer to follow the money.

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