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Arcis Foundation
Open and free discussion of important political, current world affairs and religious issues.

Discussion and debate of political topics as well as sports and current events.
Intends to promote intelligent discussion of news and issues in order to create a better understanding of opposing points of view.

French Fries
A community for political discussions, news, rants, and issues.

International Perspectives Forum
The IPF is a site for the discussion of international issues and the contingent factors that impact global foreign affairs. By sharing and debating our diverse views, we can all gain a greater understanding of other ideas, perceptions and feelings, thereby increasing our understanding of the world around us. Discussion forum for international issues and the contingent factors that impact global foreign affairs.

Political Cinnamon
A policy forum for submitting and discussing various political topics.

Political Crossfire Forums
Political Crossfire Forums is a Political discussion forum to discuss and debate political, cultural and social issues. A place to discuss and debate political issues.

Political Forums
A forum where you can debate others on all topics: politics, religion, abortion, gun control and some just for fun. Boards discussing various hot topics.

Political Hardball Forums
A political discussion board hosted by Democrats and Progressives but open to all political viewpoints.
This is a debate forum addressing the topics of politics, religion, sports and anything else you can imagine. An online community for debating politics and current events.

Spin Shield
Add your own comments and read the comments left by other visitors. Topics include the economy, foreign policy, elections, government. media, law and order and religion.

Moderated forum devoted to the intelligent and thoughtful discussion of all aspects of international affairs.

The Politics Forum
Welcome to the A place for people who love to talk (argue) politics. International and domestic politics, news and current affairs discussion forum., your quintessential forum for the discussion of important world issues and geopolitical events. Articles on and discussion of world issues and geopolitical events.

To Whom It May Concern
Discussion web of today's ongoing issues, including education, healthcare, presidential election, taxes, gun laws, etc.

Whistle Stopper Political Forums
This is a political discussion forum for the civil discussion of U.S. and International news and politics. Current hot topics include President George Bush, John Kerry, Dick Cheney, Iraq, etc. A discussion forum focusing on world politics and current affairs.

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