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About: Political Humor
The Net's leading source for political humor, providing a witty and irreverent look at bizarre antics inside, outside and below the Beltway. Updated daily with cartoons, jokes, satire, multimedia, quotes, and quirky news. political humor section with articles.

Download fresh illustration, graphic art, political cartoons, gag cartoons and caricatures. Editorial, political cartoonists offer free samples and pay download site.

Comedian Argus Hamilton
Puzzles, jokes, a new novel and more. is the place to find the fast, fun, original word game, tidbits® puzzles; comedian Argus Hamilton's daily column of killer jokes on the news; and Susan Shelley's new novel, The 37th Amendment. Comedian Argus Hamilton's daily syndicated newspaper column of very funny, very sharp jokes on news, politics and events. Updated every day.

Dictator For Hire
Satirical presentations of some recent dictators.

Drudge Retort
Links to satirical stories about world events and US politics.

An interactive poll testing the unpopularity of politicians, media personalities and criminals. Most unpopular candidates, public figures and criminals face a barrage of eggs thrown by visitors in important races and virtual face-offs. Interactive poll testing the unpopularity of politicians. Most unpopular candidates face a barrage of eggs thrown by visitors.

A satirical party imitation.

Political Satire means
Collections of political satire, humor, and parody in a search format.
Political limericks lampooning the lunatic left, also includes a selection of free electronic postcards to mail.

Radio's Satire Column on the web via Real Audio
Daily news satire heard in Real Audio. Frank Benlin & Max Knobny feign journalism to lampoon all phases of Americana. Subtle yet irreverent. CDs 4Sale. Daily news satire heard in Real Audio.

John Contini's multi-streamed fractured show of newsworthy social and political satire.

Smoker Dave. Com
Commentary on news and politics in . Nearly Daily Commentary on news and politics in section Titled "Thoughts from a Smoke Filled Room". A little banner intensive but pithy.
funny cartoons and socail satire, jokes, parodies, streaming media skits, and hilarious flash animation. Satirical slant on social and political issues.

Spreading Santorum
Santorum 1. The frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex. 2. Senator Rick Santorum. Satirical attempt to name the frothy mix of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex after Senator Rick Santorum.

Everything you ever wanted to know about totalitarians, but were afraid of getting shot to ask. Humor about dictators you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

The Hittman Chronicle
The Hittman Chronicle is a journal of ideas and opinions from a slightly disgusted, somewhat amused perspective. An offbeat journal of opinions on movies and current events.

The Hypocrisy Entertainment Network
Political satire and polemics aimed at hypocrisies and arrogance seen in the media and political establishment.

The Political Cliche Site
An arsenal of cliches for the successful American politician

World Association of Liars, Thieves, Slavers and Murderers
Network Solutions is the leading provider of domain name registration. We are the first and largest registrar of domain names and offer web services including domain names, web sites, web hosting, web site promotion, and e-mail services. Get a "crook's eye view" of politics, the world, and current events. Topics cover a broad range, including banking and credit, crime, gun control, and even events that haven't happened yet.

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