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A blog offering opinion and social religious commentary on events in the world.

A Politically In-Correct Stop Over on the Information Stupid Highway
A generalized rant on political correctness.

Blog Arundel
A weblog dedicated to exploring political, social, and environmental issues in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Casa de Oso
The writing and photography of Oso.

Daley Planet
Personal website of planetary patriot Tad Daley. Ideas for preventing genocide and another 9-11.

Dangerous Citizen
Resources for the Common, Thoughtful, and Compassionate Citizen. Where the common people voice their dissent.

Foxnews Folies
The daily perversion and twisting of truth to fit the far right republican agenda. Critical commentary on FoxNews.
A place for unedited, uncensored opinions on politics, digital rights, and many other issues.

Graif 2036
An 'exploratory committee' site depicting Michael J. Graif's 2036 campaign for U.S. President.

Lei's Virtual reality
a personal website with a bit of a twist on reality.... A website offering a personal perspective on the world and reality.
Wit & Wisdom. Features commentary laced with satire, parody, or humor on political, media, and other events.
Politics, social commentary, public opinion forum. Columns, features, news analysis and editorials updated weekly - Political commentary by Nik Bramblett in Orlando FL. Also includes bio, photos, resume, projects, writing samples, etc. Political and social commentary from Nik Bramblett.

On a point of information
Mutters on politics, society and more besides, from the United Kingdom. An Oxford student provides a critique of modern politics from a UK perspective.

OPED - Short Opinion Pieces
Read Sni's page: Oped pieces on an eclectic mix of matters of national and international interest. OPED pieces on topics of current interest in economics, politics, terrorism, and security.

Phil Woodford
London-based advertising copywriter and former Labour candidate for the British Parliament blogs his insights on world affairs.

forum for the critical discussion of the principles underlying modern society with a focus on politics.

Sand in the Gears
Sand in the Gears - a blog. Blog featuring Tony Woodlief's humorous short takes on politics, life, and American culture.

The Liberty Page
A collection of various articles and opinions from conservatives and liberals created by Anil Singh and Stuart Levine.

The Minute Man Page
A primer on government corruption. Lists the author's concerns about the U.S. federal government and the loss of freedom through war and emergency powers.

The Peoples Voice
An information forum on politics, democracy, human rights, environment, economy, science, and social justice issues, Interact and make your voice heard. Forum on politics, democracy, human rights, environment, economy, science, and social justice issues.

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