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A to Z of Manners & Etiquette
We reasoned that a simple, straightforward easy to read guide to manners and etiquette might enable people to learn the basics in order to live in harmony and socialise future generations.

AML Group
AML Group is a leading etiquette consulting firm specializing in business and social etiquette and entertaining, International protocol and dining etiquette. Call 1-888-414-4-AML. Provides social etiquette and international protocol training. Based in San Francisco, CA.

Business of Manners
How do you hold a fork? how do you introduce yourself?. Offers business etiquette classes and seminars for individuals and groups.

California Junior Cotillion
A cotillion and etiquette program for children in San Diego, California . Teaches ballroom dancing, table manners and social graces.

Connecticut School of Etiquette
Connecticut School of Etiquette provides quality etiquette and dining instruction for children, teens, and adults. Provides etiquette and dining instruction for children, teens, and adults.

Corby O'Connor & Co.
Our programs and training materials are designed to give executives the skills needed to accomplish their goals in highly competitive business environments. Offers etiquette training programs and materials for business managers, executives and students.

Dear Social Grace
Features etiquette advice column and other etiquette information written by etiquette writer Charles "Social" Grace.

Etiquette Consulting providestraining and advice in the field of etiquette. Bridget Weedn offers instruction in social etiquette and dining skills to children, teens, and young adults as well as business etiquette and dining skills to adults.

Etiquette Hell
Not only does this site tell you what to do in a given situation, it also includes horror stories of how it was done badly.

Etiquette Institute: Magnificent Manners
The Etiquette Institute of Ohio offers childrens etiquette classes, adult etiquette and business etiquette programs. Offers programs in children's manners, adult etiquette and business etiquette. Serves Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton, Ohio.

Etiquette Network: A Change For The Better
Charm classes for children & teens. Seminars for adults, schools, corporations on etiquette, manners & image. Etiquette book for children/teens - Be The Best You Can Be. Etiquette bulletin board. Offers an etiquette book, bulletin board, seminars, charm school and links.

Etiquette One
Search forever for FREE! . Based in Katy, Texas. Instructing girls and boys grades 1-12. Etiquette and modeling training courses.

Etiquette Saint Louis
Children's manners and social etiquette classes, social and business etiquette seminars in St. Louis, Cape Girardeau, Rolla, Springfield, Lebanon and Kennet Missouri. Offers children's manners and etiquette classes, business etiquette and social etiquette seminars in St. Louis, Missouri.

Etiquette School
The Etiquette School, specialists in Business and Social Etiquette Training, Dining Etiquette and International Protocol. We offer modern etiquette training. We can customize our etiquette training offerings to help people of all ages. Offers contemporary business, social and personal etiquette and protocol training programs, including dining etiquette and international protocol. Located in southern California.

Executive Social Presentation
Executive Social Presentation training in corporate and business etiquette for businessmen, businesswomen, colleges and universities. Training in corporate and business etiquette for businessmen, businesswomen, colleges and universities.

Gollatz Cotillion and Social Programs
Gollatz Cotillion Is An Advanced childrens instruction that improves manners, children, childrens manners, etiquette and dancing. Offers instruction programs in children's etiquette and social graces.

Inspirational Love Stories
This blog is about love. We'll share you all of the most incredible, romantic, touching, and inspirational love stories ever in this world

Know Your Table Manners
Know Your Manners Inc. offers an exciting and unique multimedia experience in table etiquette training. The fully interactive CD-ROM - entitled . Features Sylvia Train's personal lessons and her CD featuring precise guidelines and examples of good table manners.

Learn Dining Etiquette From An Etiquette Expert
Learn the secrets of dining etiquette from an etiquette expert

Learning Manners
Learning Manners is a practical course developed to increase your childs appreciation and knowledge of good manners. Your child will improve his / her self-esteem and feel more confident in different social situations. Our interactive sessions provide an ideal combination of instruction, practice, and role playing in a comfortable and supportive environment. We are located in Los Angeles California. A practical course developed to increase a child's appreciation and knowledge of good manners. Interactive sessions provide a combination of instruction, practice, and role playing. Torrance, California.

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