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Love Test
these love tests and personality quizzes help you with your love, romance and relationship issues. Also free love horoscopes, compatibility information, and a lot more. Test your relationship against several metaphysical standards.

My Paranoia
What are you afraid of?

Personal Dating Test
A man with a plan (or at least a questionnaire).

Personality Match
Advice on finding your perfect love based on personality profile. Personality match, compatibility, love and life. The art and science of finding true love, success and happiness. Help you to be the best you can be! Positive, empowering and motivational. Individual professional personal coach and consultant. Finding true love by fulfilling naturally preferred wants and needs in relationships using personality profile as a tool to reveal compatibility, emotional development level and natural preferences for specific personality type. Identifies positive and negative traits. Reveals mismatch and complement levels. Are there hidden depths to yours and your loved ones personalities?.

Quiz Stop
A huge collection of free personality tests and fun online quizzes on love, relationships and the self. A useful sliding format makes each quiz doubly fast and easy-to-take. Frank, informative, and free. Fifty fast and revealing love and personality quizzes.

Rate Yourself tests you in a variety of subject areas. The surveys are fast, the questioannaires are fun and they cover your love life, your career aspirations and your relationships. Are you who you want to be?.

The Boyfriend Test
Offical Web Site for Relaltionship Help Book, The Boyfriend Test by Wendy L Walsh. Also see The Girlfriend Test. Good message board.

The Girlfriend Test
This is the place to find out more about wendy walsh's latest book on relationships, The Girlfriend Test. Also see The Boyfriend Test. Good message board.

The Political Compass
Chart your course through the political quagmire.

The Relationship Institute
A psychoeducational service organization helping singles, couples and parents create healthy, fulfilling, intimate relationships. Relationship problems? Search for answers here.

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