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A most enlightening site. Explore it, learn from it, live it. If you don't click here you are really missing out!. Book reviews, discussion list, quotes and forum about evolution, science, and religion.

4 Atheists
By an atheist 4 atheists! Resources supporting the atheist community and atheist owned businesses. Visit our 4 Atheists Marketplace to patronize atheist businesses and find atheist products. Offers news, links and a list of organizations. Agnosticism/Atheism
Agnosticism & Atheism: where you can learn more not only about agnostics and atheists, but also freethought, religion, philosophy, skepticism, critical thinking, separation of church and state, evolution vs. creationism, agnosticism, atheism and much more - all for the reality-based community. Select, annotated links on topics of interest to atheists and nonbelievers.

Atheist Contacts
Atheist Contacts on -- A place for Atheists to find each other. Contact list for atheists around the world.

A church without revelation, without prayer, without superstition and, most of all, without God.

EARTHWARD is a non-profit, non-political, non-membership public-benefit charity organization that provides humanitarian relief aid to civilian victims of religiously motivated violence ranging from acts of violence by individual extremists or terrorist organizations that claim religious justification for their actions to full-scale holy wars waged by religiously dominated governments. Non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief aid to civilian victims of religiously motivated violence.

Beliefs create mental barriers and have caused violence, ignorance, and intolerance. Do we need to believe at all?. News, essays, reviews, and links about religion, science and philosophy.

Graveyard of the Gods
Graveyard Of The Gods is a site for freethinkers. The site includes a freethinker discussion board. Freethinkers site with news, articles, fiction and a discussion board.

Heathen Handbook
Online community of atheists. Offers humour, suggested reading, and personal stories.
Games, MP3s, news, and forum.

Positive Atheism Magazine
News, history, humor, opinion, and analysis.

Religion Is Dumb
Compilation of questions and answers, as well as arguments for agnosticism and atheism.

Secular Singles
Meet other atheists, agnostics and humanists at this unique singles match maker ads site for nonbelievers. Personal ads for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers.

Serving The Secular Community. Provides support about general secular and religious issues, as well as individual, situational help and advice.

The Church of Free Will
We are seekers after the Truth. Looking for others of our kind. This is a place to meet, exchange ideas, dreams, and hopes for the future. We hope to nudge Humanity along the path toward maturity, to influence the direction and goal of our future. Essays from an atheist perspective.

The Freethought Zone
A collection of essays which address misconceptions that many theists have concerning the nature of science and religion and the beliefs of nontheists. A collection of essays which addresses misconceptions concerning the nature of science and religion and the beliefs of non-theists.

The Rants of Logic
This is a battlesite against religious fundmentalism and religious ignorance. This is a site by an atheist for atheists and viewers are warned that the content may contain profanity and ideas that may be offensive to some. Enter at you own discretion. Opinions on atheism, morality, and the separation of Church and State.

True Truths
Series of essays challenging religion. Also includes links and and excerpts from a book by Creighton Ainsworth.

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