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Life's Message
A monotheistic religion based on transcendent moral principle.
Enter a brief description of your site here. Introduction and FAQ. Proposing that all reality exists within Deity and in process with Deity.

Positive Deism
Promotes Deism and its beliefs with articles, forum, and chat.

Presence On the Net of Deists for Enlightenment and Reason (PONDER)
Presence On the Net of Deists for Enlightenment and Reason, Promoting Deism and Deists' Communications Worldwide. Essays on the history, philosophy, and ethics of Deism. News, FAQ, suggested reading, book reviews, humor, and poetry.

Shandarism, A New Horizon Opens To You
The Shandarism, another spirituality without guru,prophet or messiah,free from prayer,devotion and idolatry, only established on the freedom of conscience, the life experiment and personal growth of the person

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