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Ex Oblivion
Ex Oblivion is dedicated to occultism, alchemy, and paganism, and includes various essays by the author. Overview of various Pagan, Esoteric and Occult doctrines. Book reviews, links and a cult index.

Lucid Zahor
The Road to Immortality. The theory of inner transmutation, a system of magick for achieving spiritual immortality.

A Treasury of Occultism, Mysticism, Supernatural, Magic, Demonology, Mythology, Psychic Powers, Witchcraft, Metaphysics, Spiritism and Pseudoscience. An encyclopedia of occultism, mythology, the strange and the unexplained.

Spirit Mythos
Akashic insights and visionary art. Topics include: Lemuria, Atlantis,Egypt, master beings, planetary transformation, the cosmos, meta-sciences, psionics, sacred geometry, sacred earth, dolphins, unicorns and more. A visual path into the Akashic Records of Thoth.

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