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Aurora Ministries Pathways of Living Truth
A Circle of Friends earth religion with a holistic world view that we are multi-dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. Features missions, vision, goals, educational resources, and available services.

Church of Enlightened Assumption
Works to bring wellness and freedom from negativity. Includes messages from members, courses, and events.

Church of Perfect Liberty
Church of Perfect Liberty (PL), website welcomes all interested in learning its philosophy of Life is art. If you can master a way of life by practicing the teachings of this philosophy to attain a state of mind that parallels Perfect Liberty. Follows the philosophy that life is art, and has bases in Australia and Canada. Information about beliefs, with glossary.

Church of the New Aeon
A mind-opening metaphysical church based on the prophecy of the arrival of the New Aeon in 2029 and promoting Akashic healing, fasting, and ordinations.

Circle of the Earth
An organization uniting mankind through intuitive art created by shamanistic artists.

Do Unto Others Project
Inspirational thoughts and poetry for a better life. Information on the Church of the Science of God.

EMC?? - The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness
Providing the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing, a spiritual technology to assist in removing energy imbalances in order to increase the Life Force and consciousness of living beings. Contains the churches tenets, news, articles and event schedule.

Offering the purpose of existence and supplying proof of eternal life. Includes a comprehensive definition of this alternative belief system.

Based in the thinking that Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where the spirit and physical bind.

From the Honolulu Church of Light. Includes details of radio broadcasts, shift reports, photon forecast, local church listings, and online store.

Neo Ch'an Budhhist Temple
Followers of the Neo Ch\'an Philosophy can be of any faith as long as it acknowledges and venerates a higher power superior to man. The Neo Ch\'an attempts to unite all religions under the same roof. A brotherhood following the philosophical background of moral leadership through experience rather than intellectualization. Followers of the Neo Ch'an Philosophy can be of any faith as long as it acknowledges and venerates a higher power superior to man. The Neo Ch'an attempts to unite all religions under the same roof.

New World
Everything you wanted to know about transforming the planet into a one-world family commune. Communist spiritual community forming in Southern California, who believe the Kingdom of God was meant to be built on Earth. Mission statement, news and articles.

One Planet United
One Planet United was created in the hope that a new culture might begin. A new culture that is already present in the world but not that visible. A culture that believes that no matter what our skin color, Religious beliefs,financial status, sexual preference or political affiliation, we are all one people living on this one planet and are all members of the same race, the human race. Promoting visionary ways to unite all people in one faith. Includes beliefs, newsletter, and community events.

Planet Art Network
A model for the benefit and social reconstruction of all humanity and the regeneration of the biosphere through the use of a thirteen moon calendar and an extensive peace plan.

Reality is not a guessing game for pundits. Reality is the Universe your Soul Atom sees. The Revelatorium is about Reality. By understanding Reality, you understand how Creation works. Essay claiming to reveal the principles of the New Age, as given by Divine Authority.

A lifetyle for the third millennium based on ten principles of the Fourfold Path, and a belief that purpose and design underpin the diversity and change of the universe.

Studies On Life
The writings of Gladys Franklin on the meaning of life and the afterlife. Brightening our auric colours in the subconscious mind to produce soul-light. Research and teach on the reality of the subconscious mind, the soul and the afterlife. Provides a coherent understanding of the meaning of life based entirely on personal experiences and proven facts.

Summum is a non-profit organization established to re-introduce the most ancient of philosophies, the Summum philosophy, which is based on the natural principles of creation that underlie all phenomena and form the framework of existence. Philosophy using Egyptian spirituality and the laws of quantum physics to explain creation.

The Cosmic Church of Truth
The Cosmic Church of Truth is a metaphysical, spiritual and nondenominational church. We strive to present the truth on today's world issues. A metaphysical and nondenominational church with a foundation in Numerology and Astrology. Includes event schedule, newsletter, and prayers.

The Order of Time
The Order of Time: platform for the science, politics, spirituality, personal interest, linking and art of an alternative time consciousness. Dedicated to nature, science, politics and spirituality from an alternative perspective. Articles on all these subjects.

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